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tom d Aug 10th, 1999 07:26 PM

bay of fundy tides
where's the best place to see the tidal bore in the bay of fundy. will there be an especially large one in september? thanks for your help

Brian Kilgore Aug 11th, 1999 06:22 AM

Go to Bore Park, in downtown Moncton, on Main Street. <BR>BAK <BR>

Lynne Aug 11th, 1999 07:52 PM

We watched it outside Windsor and I've been told it's viewable in Truro, too.

Sue Aug 12th, 1999 06:45 PM

IMHO, the tidal bore in Moncton was a total BORE! I'm sorry but you should go to Fundy Bay National Park to see the effect of the tides.

Jim Aug 21st, 1999 05:59 PM

I agree with Sue - Walking on the ocean floor, 30 feet below where the sea would be at high tide sure beats watching water flow the wrong way.

Bonnie Apr 27th, 2000 02:01 PM

Sue and Jim, <BR> <BR>I am planning a trip to the Fundy Bay National Park. Could you tell me when is the bets time to see the tides? The end of May, early July, or early September? <BR> <BR>Thank you. <BR> <BR>Bonnie

Liz Apr 28th, 2000 04:36 AM

The tidal bore in Truro was a bore and the town itself was just about the least interesting place we saw in Nova Scotia. Not worth the trouble in my opinion. As to timing, my understanding is that moon-phase is more relevant than time of year. Tides are highest during full moon.

Bob Brown Apr 28th, 2000 08:26 AM

We also went to Truro to see the tidal bore. So we assembled in Bore Park along with the other spectators. After standing around expectantly, this one little wave about 8 inches high came up the creek. That was it. <BR>Those expecting something similar to the flood that caused Noah to build his ark were deflated. The tides are high on the bay, but they come in over a period of a couple of hours, so that the immediate impact is not as dramatic as one might think. There are some dramatic landscapes along the New Brunswick coast, however, that show the height of the tides. <BR> <BR>Also, you will be struck by the absence of pleasure boating on the bay. The tides make it difficult to find a cheap, but safe harbor. <BR> <BR>There was one funny (?) incident that took place. We went south from the Nova Scotia welcome center to a site along the Minas Basin, which is an arm of the Bay of Funday. We walked down to a cafe overlooking the water. Near by there was a light house with a fog horn. The light houses along the bay are mostly automatic, which means there is no human around. If the fog gets too thick, a photoelectric cell system activates the light and the horn. <BR>There was a wedding scheduled on the spit of land where the light house was located. The wedding party crowded around the light house and disrupted the photoelectic beam thus causing the fog horn to start up. Needless to say there was a delay in the wedding ceremony. <BR>

Steve May 11th, 2000 08:54 AM

Tidal Bore is definitely boring. As far as the tides go there are some differences depending on the season however regardless of the time you go you will see the huge difference (30 feet) between low and high tide. Depending on the season it may be as high as 40 feet. One place to view this is Hopewell Cape (or Hopewell Rocks).

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