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ellelit Nov 19th, 2008 09:53 PM

A Trip Back in Time, in the Heart of Victoria
This Victorian mansion and village in the heart of Greater Victoria, seems out of place in the residential areas surrounding it. Springing from the amber, burnt umber and crimson leaves strewn on the ground, the English Inn is a gem waiting to be unearthed.

Consisting of the main manor house and several smaller “cottages”, the English Inn is laid out like a village in England, and is not at all lacking in quaintness and charm,

We visited in the first week of October, and while the weather was damp and windy, the extended summer turned the gardens into a colourful explosion and left the flowers in bloom long after summer had ended.

As I walked through the gardens and rounded the corner, I walked down the steps to the gazebo. Flashing in my mind was the dream wedding I could have with my ivory train trailing behind me and the gorgeous fountains springing around me. The location is ideal for a small wedding and numerous songbirds would happily serenade any bride as she walked down the grassy aisle.

The rooms are fashioned in the old English style, and are perfectly appointed for a multi-night stay. Quilted bed spreads, antique furnishings and painted landscapes of Vancouver Island adorn each room and make you feel instantly at home. Many have picturesque views of the gardens and the replica of Anne Hathaway’s House on the adjoining lot. As you walk along the paths you can even stick your hands and head through a replica “stocks”, making for some funny and memorable stories.

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icithecat Nov 20th, 2008 07:51 PM

I have never heard of this place, and I have lived here for 26 years.
I also notice this is your first ever post to Fodors.
Where abouts in Victoria is this located? I would like to check it out.

April Nov 20th, 2008 09:13 PM

I assume they're talking about the former Olde England Inn on Lampson St.

Meesthare Nov 20th, 2008 09:21 PM

I also assume this is advertising.

ellelit Nov 21st, 2008 06:40 AM

Hello, and thanks for replying. No, I'm not an advertiser, as I write stories from personal experience and with a general passion for Vancouver Island.

A good friend of my mom's stayed at the hotel and recommended it, as it was an inexpensive option in usually pricey Victoria. we checked it out later in the fall, and we adored it.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for something different than the usual cookie-cutter accommodations.

Thanks, and I hope, having lived in Victoria for a long time, you take the opportunity to explore some of the hidden places. Victoria isn't just Government Street, Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park.


Meesthare Nov 23rd, 2008 10:35 AM

Well, you say you're not advertising and I apologize if I'm wrong, but you only have three posts on this site and they're all written in the same journalistic-style prose. It sure looks like advertising to me. Again, I do apologize if I'm wrong.

ellelit Nov 23rd, 2008 12:03 PM

If I'm an advertiser, than what am I selling?

This site is supposed to be about "travel experiences", of which I have many. I'm a travel writer, so my posts will have that quality, but I'm here giving an opinion; hopefully they are informative and interesting to read.

I think it's alot more fun to read a post that puts the potential visitor in the action, than to read a blah, impersonal review.

Meesthare Nov 24th, 2008 08:08 AM

If you're under the impression that your overblown prose style is anything other than "blah" and "impersonal", you might want to re-think that. I agree with others that what you're selling is your own website, and nobody here is buying.

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