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LoveItaly Nov 29th, 2004 06:49 PM

Dear Neil, the weather there (being in reverse of ours of course) is amazing. I thought the Sacramento Valley was terrible during our August/September. Usually somewhere from 95 to 107 degrees F. But there where you are dear one is like our end of May or June. Weather here at that time is typically about high 70'a to 84 degrees at the most. Dear heavens!!! And how many more months than will you have with this very high temperature? And there has been a serious problem with the drought also I believe. And fires?

You need to come to San Francisco for sure. A nice cool day and ocean breeze would be lovely.

Now about that red wine. Do obey that French Doctors advice. Wine cures all problems so to speak. And a mug of beer here and there does not hurt either I would imagine.

Take good care.

AndrewDavid Nov 29th, 2004 08:07 PM

Liz is at Disneyland. Let's go to her garden and pick all the flowers while she's gone.

Without flowers Amya will be able to enjoy room and board for no work and will have time to visit Steve Irwin and not take a job away from anyone.

Of course Queensland isn't Adelaide. Perhaps there are opportunities for volunteer work at a certain mixed use establishment in Young, passing out complimentary dog biscuits, etc.


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