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Fran Jun 24th, 1998 07:29 PM

Where should we stay in Bali?
I am planning to holiday in Bali with my two sons ages 12 & 14. They like to surf. I am more interested in the culture. I believe Kuta is not for us, but wonder if Tuban south of Kuta or Seminyak north of Kuta would be more suitable, otherwise I am thinking of Sanur. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Lynne Jun 29th, 1998 05:53 AM

<BR>You are right, Kuta is not for you if you want culture. When I was in Bali I stayed in Ubud which has a "money forest" where the kids can play with the moneys - they will come right up to you and take peanuts from your pockets. I also recomend Tanganon for a visit - they do the double ikat weaving there - the most difficult weaving in the world.

Hollis Jul 6th, 1998 01:47 PM

Sanur is lovely, but just northeast of Sanur is Candi Dasa beach. There are quite a few very nice and quite inexpensive places. We enjoyed a place called the Pandok Bamboo, a series of nice bungalows with little porches where one is served a breakfast...and in the afternoon a thermos of hot tea! The beach is very nice and it's less crowded than Sanur. Up north, Lovina Beach is also very nice. Stay as far away from Kuta as you possibly can! We rented a motor scooter for three weeks and went everywhere. Mt. Basaki is terrific. Ubud can't be beaten for being close to the variety of arts and cultural centers. Enjoy!

Anna Jul 13th, 1998 08:53 PM

As far as the last persons recommedations go, I'd <BR>agree with Lovina Beach being very nice (but it is not a surf beach, it is a black sand beach). There is good snokelling trips from there. I'm not too sure about Candi Dasa, there are small patches of sand in front of some places, but certainly the cheaper places we looked at did not have much of a beach - just lots of concrete! Perhaps you could compromise and spend some time at the big surf in Kuta/Legian (or do a trip to Ulu Watu for them) and go to Ubud for some of the time. I always thoroughly enjoy Ubud.

fran Aug 16th, 1998 10:46 PM

THANKS for responding, the info given has helped a lot and we can't wait to get to Bali!

Cheryl Z. Oct 25th, 1998 12:40 PM

<BR>We are contemplating a first-time trip to Bali in Feb.'99. What would the weather be like then?? Besides info already found searching Bali on this board, any other pertinent info we should have? We like nice resorts on the beach, with view, my husband plays tennis, and I like to read, walk, shop and horseback ride. Any suggestions? What is the best way to fly there from west coast? Thanks in advance.

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