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Jimmy Jan 26th, 2003 12:26 PM

What's So Bad About Turtle???
I seem to read a lot of negative comments about Turtle Island. I'm curious as to what the problem is with the place.<BR><BR>We've never stayed there, but we just watched a half hour show on Turtle on one of the Travel Channels. They followed a couple around on their stay, and it looked like heaven on earth. This couple stayed in one of the Grand Bures. I've got brochures from all of the other similar resorts, and I haven't seen bures anywhere else that look to be as nice.<BR><BR>The scenery looked great, the water looked perfect, as did the food. Turtle has 14 couples and 14 beaches, so it seems like you can get privacy when you want it.<BR><BR>So... what's so bad about Turtle Island?<BR>

Mary Jan 26th, 2003 01:13 PM

There's nothing really bad about Turtle - it's just that in my opinion there are better luxury resorts (Yasawa &amp; Vatulele for instance). We didn't enjoy it as much because of the required communal dining - complete with everyone being asked to stand up and talk about themselves, the not so glorious beach and the bures are not as wonderful as at the other 2.

Jimmy Jan 27th, 2003 08:07 AM

Thanks for the info, Mary. Is it possible that they upgraded their bures since you stayed? The one I saw was stunning.<BR><BR>But no matter... A resort that asks everyone to stand up and talk about themselves at dinner isn't what we're looking for. It's one thing if that happens naturally, but if they force it, count me out!<BR><BR>I also looked at the Small Luxury Hotels site, and their list of leisure activities for Turtle includes tug of war, mud fights (mud fights?!?), sandcastle building and discos. None of this sounds appealing at all to us.<BR><BR>Thanks for helping us avoid a mistake!

soniac Feb 8th, 2003 04:54 PM

we just spent 5 nights at Turtle for our honeymoon...<BR><BR>there was no tug-of-war, mud fights or discos whene we were there and we would have been horrified if there had been!<BR><BR>i think the major difference between Turtle and the otjher resorts is that they encourage far more informality between staff and guests, so having a laugh with them in encouraged.<BR><BR>If you dont want communak dining, then i wouldnt recommend Vatulele as this happens there too. Yes they do ask you to introduce yourself when you first arrive, but only to say your name and something about yourself to fellow guests. If you dont like this kind of thing you can just elect to have meals at you bure, on a beach picnic, out on the pontoons etc etc.<BR><BR>I thought the bures and beaches were spectacular.<BR><BR>Would be happy to give further info if youre interested...

PeggyE Feb 9th, 2003 09:03 AM

I've been to both &amp; personally liked Vatulele the best. The staff was very friendly, I think as much as Turtle, yet we could have a leasurely breakfast on our private terrace rather than joining everyone first thing in the morning. Just not my favorite thing. There was more personal service I felt at Vatulele &amp; the chef would make me a wonderful custom dinner if I did not care for the fish entrees (just can't eat the stuff, though I have tried!) that were on the menu for that evening. Turtle had a much harder time of that &amp; I didn't eat too much there. Even when I said I could not eat fish, there it was on my plate for dinner. There is communal dining at Vatulele, if you chose, &amp; some lunches were quite fun but for the most part they were ready to set you up on the beach, in the wine cellar, in a gazebo on a cliff etc. Some couples we did not see all week. So the choose was yours. And the beach was far superior &amp; private at Vatulele. You have to love the no shoes policy! Anyway, we may try the new resort Katafanga in the fall &amp; see how that compares.<BR>But I agree with Mary, there is nothing wrong with Turtle, it is a heavenly place, just depends on your personal tastes. Enjoy whereever you go!

DE Feb 9th, 2003 12:07 PM

Jimmy,<BR>Have you considered the Yasawa Resort. It's also very beautiful and its the only resort on the island. The staff were very friendly and the service good. Excellent cuisine and you don't have to dine with others in a communal setup. The bures are well appointed with the beach just steps outside your door. Lots of privacy and just wonderful all around. Also plenty of water activities etc. if interested, otherwise you can just relax and enjoy your surroundings. have a wonderful time wherever you decide to go.

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