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Louis Dameson Apr 23rd, 1998 09:26 AM

UEPI ISLAND-Have you been there?
If you have stayed at Eupi Island in the Solomon Island group, I would like your comments on the accomodations, snorkeling, food, insects, and weather. Would you go back? If not - why not? Have you been anyplace that you liked better and why?

Louis Aug 21st, 1998 08:48 AM

I will put this on top again in the off chance somebody may have been there.

Louis Aug 21st, 1998 09:10 PM

P.S. I noted that I have mispelled Uepi Island in my first message. If anybody is curious about Uepi Island, run a search on UEPI on Excite. The info looks interesting, but it would be nice to find somebody that has been there for their impressions.

Geoff Crawford Aug 28th, 1998 05:15 AM

OK, so no I haven't been there but since I've at least been to the Solomons I guess I have to take pity on you and do what I can for you. <BR> <BR>I'm not a diver but I have know people who have talked about it. The Solomons are full of wrecks (plenty of which are on land or in water shallow enough to be sticking up), and the diving is supposed to be excellent. As for the accomodations, the Solomons are generally well off of anyone's tourist sites. Honiara is a decent city, but the rest of the islands are generally minimal at best. If you don't expect more that a grass hut, then you won't be disappointed. I'm not saying that's what you'll get (although it's certainly possible) but if your expectations are that low, you can only go up from there. <BR> <BR>Food you better darn well have made arrangements. Many of those small islands just about everything must be brought in by boat. <BR> <BR>

Louis Aug 28th, 1998 02:36 PM

Thanks for your comments. Eupi Island does have a dive resort there and reasonable quarters. I was thinking of combining this with a return to Fiji for a cruise of the Yasawas next May. Do you have any comments about the Yasawas?

Geoff Crawford Aug 31st, 1998 09:32 AM

The Yasawas, sure. Never made it there myself, but I know plenty of people that went. You'll have a good time on a cruise there. You usually catch those things from Nadi, so try to spend one day over in Suva if at all possible. You would miss the contrast of those little villages with a big bustling city. Sample the restaurants, haggle in the market, far better choice of crafts for sale, and the Fiji Musuem is there too. <BR> <BR>

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