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Stacy Nov 24th, 1998 02:31 PM

The Regent Sydney or The Ritz CArlton
I can't decide whether to stay at the Regent or the Ritz. THe Ritz has a club floor and I don't believe the Regent has. Which is better for a family? Are the locations about the same? <BR>

Michael Nov 26th, 1998 12:56 PM

Stacy, <BR>Both are 5 star hotels, they both reside at the harbour end of the city but the Regent is closer to both the Rocks district (right on the edge of it) and also to the harbour, the Ritz Carlton (make sure it is the city one not Double Bay) is a few hundred yards away from the Opera House back towards the CBD. You cannot go wrong with either , my own personal preference would be the Regent out of these 2, <BR>Rgds <BR>Michael

Stacy Nov 27th, 1998 04:05 PM

Thank you so much for your reply. What are your favorite Sydney restaurants and things to do? <BR>Regards,Stacy <BR>

DicK Dec 1st, 1998 06:59 AM

Stacy, <BR> <BR>I just got back from Sydney and would strongly reccomend the Quay West Apartment Hotel. It is located at the edge of the Rocks, next to the Hotel ANA, with views of the Harbour. <BR> <BR>We also lookied into the Ritz, but opted for the room of an apartment. The accomodations were first class. We had a one bedrooom apartment, with living and dining room and full kitchen(marble counter tops, microwave, dishwasher,etc) and washer and dryer in the unit. The apartment had a stereo, vcr, and 3 phones. The property is run as a hotel with room service, etc but the "rooms" are complete apartments. <BR> <BR>Dick <BR>

Dick Dec 1st, 1998 07:03 AM

Stacy, <BR> <BR>Part of my message got dropped. The Quay West apartments are between the Regent and the ANA hotels. <BR>

Stacy Dec 2nd, 1998 07:40 PM

Dick, <BR>Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply. I have decided to stay at the Ritz because of the club floor and I think it will be great. Tell me the best part of your trip and the things I should be sure to do. I am going to Hayman Island, Cairnes, Melbourne and Sidney then Auckland. <BR>Thank you for your help and I am glad your trip was great. <BR>Stacy <BR>

Michael Dec 2nd, 1998 08:35 PM

Sydney restaurants; Forty One (book NOW), Rockpool, Doyles at Watson Bay (lunch), Catalina at Rose Bay (lunch or dinner), The Quay (formerly Bilsons) are just a few close to where you are staying. I'd also suggest you checkout, <BR>Rgds <BR>Michael

Stacy Dec 3rd, 1998 05:18 PM

Michael, <BR>Thank you so much for your suggestions. Rockpool was on my list. WHat is the best way to book restaurant reservations? I can look up the phone numbers in my Fodor book, but I hate the high long distance charges. I am not even sure what they are. <BR>Did you rent a car in Sydney and what were your favorite things to do? <BR>Many thanks for your help <BR>Stacy <BR>

Michael Dec 6th, 1998 12:44 PM

Stacy, <BR>Get your hotel to make the bookings for you, you will not need a car unless you are going to travel out of the city itself, I actually live in this beautiful city, <BR>Rgds <BR>Michael

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