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walkabout Apr 2nd, 2003 08:36 PM

Thanks, Alan for your advice!
Alan,<BR><BR>I just saw a post by you--hadn't seen any for a while. Just want to thank you for the help you gave me when I was planning my trip to Australia. I don't remember what name I posted with (this was before registration), but I told you that this was my third trip to Sydney and that I liked walking. So you suggested I walk up Kent St., which I did. <BR><BR>I didn't realize that there was such a quiet area so close to George St and the Rocks. I also took pictures of the Lord Nelson Brewery and the Palisades. I passed the Napoleon on Kent--so glad you warned me away from there! It may be fine on the inside, but I didn't like the location under a freeway overpass. Anyway, I spent a pleasant afternoon exploring the area east of George St., which I wouldn't have done if you hadn't suggested it. I enjoyed my trip to Australia and plan to come back several more times. Thank you again.

Alan Apr 3rd, 2003 06:44 AM

Walkabout, I was so pleased to read this report, because at last someone on Fodor's knows I am not exaggerating about the Napoleon-on-Kent... it really IS under the overpass, isn't it? Some time ago I was walking past it, as I do every couple of weeks, and there was a tourist actually taking a photograph of it. Could that have been you?<BR>Glad my advice was helpful.... and tell me, should I be too inhibited about recommending the Palisade to the posters here? I mean, that's a great view for $AUD120! Frankly, if I were coming to Sydney, I don't think I'd stay anywhere else.... but, then, I'll sleep in almost anything if it means that there's money left over for sightseeing! I hesitate to mention it often, however, because I was once taken to task on this forum for recommending the Russell, for heaven's sake (which is my idea of a luxury hotel), because the American lady who stayed there didn't like the paint colour, thought the lighting was dim, was shocked that a three-storey building 150 years old had no elevator, and couldn't get her traveller's cheques changed at the desk. So much for the Palisade... would they even HAVE a desk... or paint on the walls?

walkabout Apr 3rd, 2003 04:12 PM

It may have been me that you saw because I definitely took a picture of the Napoleon!<BR><BR>I think the Palisades is a great hotel...if you like old historic pub hotels and want to be in a quiet location slightly off the beaten path. Not everyone does, of course. People have such varying tastes and preferences that no hotel will ever appeal to everyone. <BR><BR>Frankly, I think it is mean-spirited for someone to ask for a hotel recommendation and then become nasty and critical when their experience doesn't jibe with yours. Fortunately, I think most people appreciate the input that Fodorites give, and recognize that the ultimate responsibility for selecting a destination, hotel, restaurant, or attraction rests solely with them.

Alan Apr 4th, 2003 06:17 AM

Walkabout, you intrigue me. If, while you were taking that photo of the Napoleon, an old guy with two little girls in tow came up to you from the direction of the &quot;quiet&quot; part of Kent St and made some comment about photographing this unique building, then two Fodorites have actually met without knowing it! That, actually, is probably the best claim to fame that the Napoleon-on-Kent will ever have!

Smalley Apr 5th, 2003 12:01 AM

Excuse me Walkabout, could I cut in and ask Alan for a dance?<BR><BR>Hi Alan, you seemed to be off the air for a while when we came back from our trip so probably missed our words of thanks to all the helpful Fodorites who gave us ideas for our holiday (see posting 'Advice on a 3 wk holiday Sydney-Melbourne', which includes our report). Very much appreciated your advice on Sydney and the Blue Mountains; I'm sure we wouldn't have had breakfast with the kangagoos at Euroka Clearing for instance.<BR>Keep up the good work mate, they should stick up a monument for guys like you!<BR><BR>He's all yours again Walkabout, please let us know whether you DID see the &quot;old guy&quot;.

walkabout Apr 5th, 2003 12:38 AM

Smalley, I laughed out loud at your post! I knew this thread was unintentionally turning into a chat room-type conversation,and I was wondering when someone would speak up.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, I don't recall seeing an &quot;old guy&quot; with two little girls, although a couple of people did smile and speak to me as I was taking pictures along Kent Street. But who knows--I probably passed several Fodorites as I wandered around the city! Thanks for my chuckle for the day.

Smalley Apr 5th, 2003 06:52 AM

My pleasure Walkabout!<BR>Pity your paths didn't cross though.

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