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Insider Nov 16th, 1996 01:24 AM

Thailand-What's good and not good
Guess you should over buying sex there

Rick Bold Dec 12th, 1996 05:08 AM

There is so much to do and see in Thailand it is hard to put it all in one message. The obvious is Bangkok and the Royal Palace, Emerald Buddha, etc., etc. Outside Bangkok, some good places to go include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, (both for the hill tribes and beautiful environment), Pataya, Phuket (both for beach resorts, good night life, etc.). My best suggestion would be to contact the Thai Tourist Promotion Board in a nearby Thai Consulate.

Have a good trip

steve fisher Jan 1st, 1997 06:16 AM

Shawn, if you're going to spend one month in the Kingdom, go invest in a good guidebook. The Fodors or Lonely Planet guide are good. You'll only need about 3-4 days to see Bangkok, so have fun in Phuket and Krabi for a week or more, and then up in Chiangmai and Chiangrai (golden triangle) for another week plus. Spend two days checking out Sukhotai--fabulous ruins which really give you a good understanding of Thai history. And... the food is great!Good luck

Chaiyaporn Jan 13th, 1997 06:42 AM

And another very attractive place to visit is Samui, a small
but very beautiful island in the historic Gulf of Siam. One local airline serves the island daily. You can also reach there by road and use the ferry to the island. A lot of foreign visitors go
there and enjoy their sun bathing.

Sarachai viriyamontree Jan 24th, 1997 12:30 AM

Thailand is Siam.
Thailand land of smile.
I can recommend an interesting in Thailand.
Thailand ,I like it.

Glen Jun 4th, 1997 04:40 PM

One really cool place to visit in Bangkok is Tum Nak Thai, the world's largest restaurant. The food is excellent and quite well priced. The waiters use rollerblades to get from one table to the next. You can also see classic Thai dancing in the courtyard between the eating pavillions. Very nice.

Abe Jun 15th, 1997 07:26 PM

The palaces are magnificent.Out of a dream. Like in The King and I. On the streets, pollution is dreadful. Hard to breathe because of the use of leaded gas. Tuk tuks (small motor powered bikes) are all over. Hotels great quality. Reasonably priced. Sex industry a huge employer (out of a city of 5 million, Bangkok has 10%25 involved in the bvsiness). Pity that a country would exploit its beautiful (and they are spectacular by any standard) women so. Pat Pong area of Bangkok should not be missed.

Charles Smith Jun 23rd, 1997 08:17 PM

Ko Samui is incredible. Try to spend at least
a week there. The beaches are fantastic, the
accomodations are inexpensive, the food and beer
is delicious and inexpensive. The Reggae Pub
is possibly the coolest bar on the planet. Also
go to the Doors Pub and be overwhelmed with
images of Jim Morrison.

Beers cost about US$1, a full dinner costs about
US$2 and the food is great. All the restaurants
and bars show movies constantly (most bootlegged
first run movies) show it's great to sit back,
have a delicious Thai dinner and watch a new

The Gulf of Thailand's waters are beautiful
and warm. No surfing or anything like that,
but windsurfing and jet skiing abound. So
do scuba and snorkeling.

Bangkok Airways has daily flights from Bangkok,
or you could always take the train to Surat Thani
and the boat from there.

Have a great time and wear protection!

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