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Frank Aug 3rd, 1998 02:09 PM

Solomon Islands help
I'm planning a scuba trip and am curious about the Solomon Islands. I enjoy dives into areas that provide natural as well as man-made (ie shipwrecks) beauties. Do the Solomon Islands provide a healthy supply of such enjoyments?

Jo Aug 5th, 1998 01:51 PM

I was lucky enough to visit the Solomon's in 1991 as a 'holiday' away from my 'holiday' year out in Oz. I would definately recommend diving in Gizo (part of the New Georgia Islands, a 40 hour boat trip from Honiara)- especially the Toa Maru Japanese freighter, and the 'Grand Central' coral wall. Found the people very friendly - if a little curious at times. Good luck - have a great time.

Geoff Crawford Aug 5th, 1998 07:29 PM

WWII wreckages *abound* and a great spot for the man made interests. <BR> <BR>Perhaps the Marshalls and Micronesia have better natural diving.

Frank Aug 6th, 1998 09:50 AM

Thanks Jo and Geoff! <BR>I appreciate your responses very much.

Peter Sep 9th, 1998 05:46 AM

<BR>I agree with all the writers concerning Scuba diving. But avoid going to Gizo by boat. There is only one boat left to do the trip from HIR to GZO and back and it is in a very poor condition with frequent engine breaks. The flight is very cheap and amazing too if you catch a non non-stop flight. Have fun, Peter

Frank Sep 18th, 1998 01:55 PM

I have a follow-up question. One which involves weather. I'm planning this trip for early that a "reasonably good" weather time or not? Or is it like some other parts of the world where it's pleasant year-round? <BR>Thanks...... <BR>

Geoff Crawford Oct 3rd, 1998 12:57 PM

Island climates tend to be tempered by the constant sea water temperature, but still, the Solomons can be *very* hot at times. If that's not a problem, then you'll be fine. As a guy who spent his childhood close to the Canadian border, January is far too hot for me, but otherwise the weather is good. <BR> <BR>

David Stanley Nov 3rd, 1999 03:40 PM

The best website I've seen for Solomon Islands information is <BR> Also check my own site where you'll find details of my new South Pacific Handbook which has a big chapter on the Solomons. It's one of my favorite countries in the region.

David Stanley Nov 3rd, 1999 03:43 PM

Sorry, that should have been

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