Sandflies, Milford Sound


Aug 9th, 2004, 06:42 PM
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Sandflies, Milford Sound

Really, how bad are they and what's the best preventive?
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Aug 9th, 2004, 09:12 PM
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Hi there

Anywhere on the West Coast they are bad. However a good quality bug spray like "OFF" will get you through. You can go for the big guns and get something with high amount of deet in it. Watch out that you do not touch your eyes or any plastic surfaces after applying said repellent.

Bites not as itchy as mosquitoes but the thing is you will have a lot more of them.

Avoid wearing white socks if you can. For some reason they go for these (Or at least they do on me and mine).

Overall the quality of the scenery far outweighs the annoyance of the bugs.

Happy travels


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Aug 10th, 2004, 01:45 PM
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Steve, thanks for your helpful response. I'm looking foward to the scenery, not the bugs, but if the price to be paid for the former is the latter than we'll live with them.
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Aug 10th, 2004, 04:22 PM
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Hello - when we travelled to Milford Sound we stopped for petrol outside the town of Te Anau. The petrol attendant (they actually fill up for you in NZ) advised us that the sandflies were as big as B52's and hit as hard. Scared us enormously. However he did advise us that help was at hand. The Chemist in Te Anau sells an insect repellant which is by far the best I have ever used (I am very prone to mosquito bites and have never had one while using this - God knows what's in it but it works). Whilst the name escapes me it is in a very distinctive bottle with a gold lid and is a roll on. The chemist will advise you. It's expensive but worth every cent.
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