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tropo Nov 15th, 2005 03:23 PM

Reply for Johhj au
Just finished reading some of the old postings, and I saw you thank you reply. Glad you enjoyed Agnes Waters, a quiet little place isn't. One could not help enjoy a cold ale in the Cordalba Pub. Unusual to come across a pub in a very small village, surrounded by sugar cane plantations. From memory the pub is about 150 yrs old? If your ever up this way again, I will tell of some other great little gems (including interesting pubs)
I am thinking of driving up to Rockhampton, then getting the freedom fastcat from Yeppoon,across to Great Keppel Island, then staying in a luxury tent (yes luxury), on a small beach away well away from the main tourist area on Fishermens Beach. I will tell you about this one, early next year.

johhj_au Nov 16th, 2005 02:07 PM

Agnes worked very well for us...beaches was great value..i'm no snorkelling expert but fitzroy reef was great.

I have heard you can get beach shacks on great keppell away from the resort.Is the snorkelling any good?

you can cheap flights to rocky these days so it could be a good destination or a good stop off point going up or down the coast.Is the rocky-mackay stretch as bad as it always was?

pat_woolford Nov 16th, 2005 03:14 PM

Have stayed in beach cabins on Great Keppel island, they're a good distance from the resort but walkable if you feel the need. Lovely place for beach walking and swimming, don't remember snorkelling directly from island but there are boats available to take you to snorkelling spots. We were there in June, sunny warm days, but cold at night - went down to around 6C.

Rocky to Mackay is about 4 hours these days, not the never-ending drive it was once, but still remarkably boring. Road is in good condition though.

tropo Nov 16th, 2005 07:22 PM

There is a mixture of accommodation on Great Keppel Island these days, firstly, we no longer have Contiki Resort, it is now the Mercure, and designed towards families, couples, etc.
In addition, there are houses, eg. Seaview House, and attached studio, and other beach shacks, houses etc, for groups or large families. Also there are places like Greak Keppel Holiday Village, which has tents, dormitories, self contained cabins and houses. The above mentioned Seaview House overlooks Fishermans Beach.
There are quite a few continental fringing reefs around the island, on nearby islands, eg. Middle Island.
The closest fringing reefs to the resorts & houses, would have to be Shelving Reef, and the reefs off Monkey Beach nearby. A lot of tourists now take their snorkel & face mask, rent out an outrigger canoe or sea kayak, and head around to some of these fringing reefs and other beaches.
The place we hope to stay in next time, is Svendsens Beach, he and Lydia (who has paintings for sale), have the 2 luxury tent acccommodation. ($70 per night for 2 people). Their beach is some distance away from Fishermens Beach, hence the beachcomber feeling of staying there.
Hervey Bay to Rockhampton is only around 398 kms, with another 40 kms out to Yeppoon, where they have undercover security carparking at $9 per day, then half hour ferry ride out to Great Keppel Island. So you can see Rockhampton & Keppel is not a great distance for us to travel.
I haven't travelled on the Rockhampton to Mackay Road for years, but I see Pat has given good advice on that stretch of road. Like any travel on the highways, we only travel for a maximum of 4-5 hrs per day. We like to stop & see as much as we can. As they say, stop & smell the roses.

fuzzylogic Nov 17th, 2005 02:49 AM

Love Gt Keppel - but please don't advertise too widely else there'll be posts bemoaning the lack of a 5 star resort (God forbid!!!!).

re Agnes Waters - and its totally unmentionable neighbour - as above but more so.

pat_woolford Nov 17th, 2005 11:28 AM

Trop, what's the road like now from Miriam Vale to Agnes Waters and that other place we won't mention?

johhj_au Nov 17th, 2005 02:30 PM

Road is bitumen in both directions.

So if one was pottering down the coast from cairns to brissy...

mission beach
townsville/magnetic island
airlie beach
yeppoon /great keppel
agnes water
sunshine coast

might make a good set of stopover places.

fuzzylogic Nov 18th, 2005 03:02 AM

Yes, Tropo. Nothing works as well as a false trail.

tropo Nov 18th, 2005 08:04 PM

Pat....the road from Miriam Vale to Agnes & 1770 is bitumen, actually quite a good bitumen road. Also bitumen from Bundaberg to Agnes Waters.

pat_woolford Nov 19th, 2005 12:56 AM

Good choices john, Fraser Island should be included but I know that needs 4WD.

Thanks, trop, its about 13 years since I traversed that road, dirt and corrugation much of the way then. Nice to see that part of Qld has road improvements, up here in the north its not so hot, still need 4WD on Bloomfield Track from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown (OK on inland road except for about 30km of dirt, but soon to be rectified with all-weather road nearly completed). Today we came back from Undara Lava Tubes to Cairns, still some shocking stretches - about 100km of bitumen with room for one vehicle, only, from Undara to Mt Garnet, road trains coming at you all the time so you're straight into the dirt shoulder everytime one approaches.

johhj_au Nov 19th, 2005 01:19 PM

Pat your comment reminds of a terrifying drive a few years ago...visited the undara tubes on an afternoon tour and then decided to continue west...
Driving into the setting sun,one lane beef road,big road trains coming out of the sun,roos everywhere..

very glad to survive to have a xxxx at the pub in croydon

pat_woolford Nov 20th, 2005 10:44 PM

Have done that trip too John, fortunately in other direction, without western sun in eyes. Awful road, if you manage to find a place to pull over to stretch your legs anywhere near summer you're attacked by a zillion bush flies, if you wait until night starts to fall you'll hit roos left right and centre. You'd need a xxxx or two by the time you get to Croydon, I was more than happy to knock back a couple of G&T's just to make it to Undara the other day.

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