Price of Clothes, food, drink


Aug 7th, 2001, 10:01 AM
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Price of Clothes, food, drink

Hi again

Coming to Oz from UK at Christmas and would like to know if we should travel light and buy clothes over there. Any ex-pats give me an idea how prices compare to UK, e.g., for shorts, t-shirts, trainers?

What's best to wear in Sydney at that time of year - sightseeing and barcrawling?
Usual holiday attire during the day is not much more than a g-string but I guess I need to cover up a bit in the city
Is topless sunbathing ok most places?

Any dress code we should observe at Ayers Rock, e.g., cover shoulders? Wouldn't like to offend.

Do people dress up at night up the coast (i.e., Palm Cove)?

What's the price of a typical meal with wine? (Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock, Palm Cove.) And for self-catering - we're room only all the way. (Who am I kidding, I don't cook in England never mind on holiday.)

What's the cost of a good night out in Sydney? High life and low life.

Is it really STILL over 3300 hours to go?



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Aug 13th, 2001, 08:03 PM
Texas girl
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Hi bee,
Having been there in March, I feel I can answer a few of your questions.
The Au dollar should be great for you. It was only worth 1/2 of a US dollar.I spoke with a shop keeper who had recently returned from England, and said when she exchanged her Au money only got 28pence for a dollar, so go figure, it should be great for you.
You can get a lot of food, and courses for little money. I thought everything was very inexpensive compared to good old USA,and having traveled in the UK myself, where my dollar wasnt worth very much you should be able to go home with plenty of booty, or cash left in your pocket.
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Aug 15th, 2001, 12:48 AM
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Haven't been to UK for ages but friends who go there regularly tell me that prices are equivalent - that is, a shirt costing 30 English pounds would cost $30 here. As your pound buys almost three Aussie dollars, you can have a big spending spree.
Good casual clothes will get you in everywhere except the most formal restaurants. Shorts and tops are acceptable in the cities and everywhere else. Yes you can sunbathe topless on most beaches but remember your sunscreen and hat.
Shorts and tops are OK at Ayers Rock.
As to food costs, a main meal in a pub will set you back about $15. Restaurant prices are usually a bit more - say $22-25 in a reasonably good place. You can get reasonable food in the clubs - you will have to sign in as a visitor to meet the licensing laws but that is just a formality.
If you are looking for a place to eat in Cairns, try Charlies at the Acacia Hotel on the Esplanade. $22.50 for all you can eat - soup, prawns, oysters, crab, salads, hot meats, casseroles, dessert, coffee and chocolates. Very nice place - we always go there when we are in Cairns.
Hope you have a great holiday.
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