Jun 11th, 1997, 11:58 AM
Michael P. Butler
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Please provide me with information on the Orient-Express. I would like to know the following:
Type of Service available
Any misc. information or homepages that have detailed information on the Orient-Express
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Jun 12th, 1997, 02:25 AM
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The Orient-Express is a train that runs from Budapest to Paris. I have taken it several times - its no big deal, just like any other train in Europe.
If there is some other Orient-Express, I have no idea what it is. Sorry...
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Jun 12th, 1997, 06:46 PM
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The Orient Express has different itineraries--my parents took it one way from Venice to Paris a few years ago. I have ordered info from them and must say that I disagree with previous author: the Orient Express is much more sophisticated than 1st class Europe trains I've been on. Besides all the history involved, etc. It would be fun to have a group of friends take the trip in order to give one something to do during lag times between cities.
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Jun 24th, 1997, 04:38 PM
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I believe you are referring to the Orient-Express that runs through Malaysia into Thailand...correct.
For a good overview of itieraries/prices/scheduling info etc...contact Thai Airways...one of their packages includes a deluxe ride on the Orient-Express...but it's pricey...over $1OOO. Thai Airways has a web site... it's www.thaiair.com

Hope this helps...have a great time...I love Thailand.
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