North Melbourne or St Kilda?


Feb 16th, 2004, 10:30 PM
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North Melbourne or St Kilda?

Which area would you recommend? Which is more attractive and convenient for sightseeing? I'll be visiting for 3 days and have heard staying right in the center isn't the nicest area. Thanks.
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Feb 16th, 2004, 10:51 PM
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>>>>>>have heard staying right in the center isn't the nicest area<<<<<<

I disagree with your information source. I think Melbourne has a very pleasant CBD (central business district). It's an attractive downtown, and it's safe. It's much used by people who go to dinner and the theatre at night and shopping on weekends.

If you're there for only 3 days, you may want to stay right in the CBD, as it'll be close to the central highlights as well as being close to the departure points of any day tours you may want to take.

Melbourne's CBD includes a Chinatown area where you can eat excellent, very reasonably priced food.

If you want to be really close to the CBD, but not right in it, the next best choice probably is Southbank, just across the Yarra River from the CBD, with nice riverside cafes and restaurants.

Other areas that are really close to the CBD are Carlton (immediately north of the CBD and home of Lygon Street, famous for its variety of restaurants) and East Melbourne.

St. Kilda is a little beyond that inner circle of neighbourhoods, to the SE, but nonetheless is a short tram ride from the CBD. St. Kilda has a promenade along the ocean, which is a nice path for walking, roller blading and bicycling. It also has a good variety of restaurants and pubs.

North Melbourne, while it's quite a pleasant neighbourhood surrounding the University of Melbourne, and is not that far from the CBD, is further from most points of interest than most of the other neighbourhoods I've mentioned. North Melbourne would be my last recommendation from amongst this list. That's not to say that North Melbourne is bad, because it isn't. I just think the other places are even better.
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Feb 17th, 2004, 01:36 AM
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You have been poorly advised if someone has told you that staying in the centre of Melbourne is not the nicest area.

I was there with my wife about three weeks ago and we stayed at the Oakford on Collins street which could not have been more central if we had tried.

The street was great, cafes every where, not far from federation square which has some nice casual eateries. Very close to major shopping in town.

Collins street is on the tram line for the 112. Which conveniently goes one way to North Melbourne (Fitzroy), Brunswick Street, good eating and shopping and the otherway to St Kilda, great seaside setting again with good eating and a good beach to walk along.

Naturally if you are in the centre you are close to every thing. Walking distance to the museum, the South Bank, the MCG (If you want to see cricket in summer or football in winter) great parks, theatres - its all there.

All the time we were there we did not feel uncomfortable or threatened in the slightest but of course you exercise the same level of care you would if you were at home.

I say if you are there for a short time stay in the centre as everything is conveniently positioned.

Also to find out what to do go to the visitor centre in Federation Square. Opposite Flinders Street Railway Station by the Yarra river. You can't miss it.

Good luck with you travels.

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Feb 17th, 2004, 05:31 AM
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Hi Karla,
The advantage of being in Melbourne is the great tram system.
I will suggest staying somewhere in the center of the city use the free central tram for sightseeing and if you want to go to St Kilda its again just a tram ride away, day tickets can be bought from many hotels.
Have you considered hiring a car and getting out of the city? Victoria is really a great place to visit.
I am sure marg will be along soon with some good advice for you.
Have fun

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Feb 18th, 2004, 02:20 AM
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Mucky - Marg is in NZ!

If your choice is between Nth Melb and St Kilda, definitely choose St Kilda. More happening, good restaurants and cafes, the beach etc.
The city centre is also fine though there are areas I would avoid, such as Spencer St and Russell St. Southbank is 2 mins walk to the city area and a good choice. There are a few hotels at Southbank, Sheraton & Travelodge to name two.
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Feb 18th, 2004, 02:27 AM
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Hi KayF,
I thought she was back.
In that case she won't be along
Are you her daughter?
She told us her daughter frequents the site but I don't think she said the name???

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Feb 21st, 2004, 01:54 AM
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Yes, my secret's out...Mum and I are travel nuts.
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Feb 21st, 2004, 02:05 AM
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Hi Kay,
Hah ! I guessed as much.
It was great to meet your parents when we were in Melb.
Sorry I've blown your
Its totally clear that you are travel nuts.And this site benefits from that, thanks to you both.


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Feb 21st, 2004, 06:06 AM
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We chose to stay in St. Kilda and glad we did. A charming area right at beachfront with lovely homes and lots of restaurants. The area was being gentrified then and it had a very eclectic air with all age groups.

One day we rented a car and did the Great Ocean Road trip, returning to St.Kilda where we came upon a new restaurant opening with lots of folks partying in the streets; had dinner at another lovely restaurant.

Another day, we took the Tram right outside our hotel and were in the CBD within 7-minutes - walked over to the Victoria Market till early afternoon. Tram back to hotel to drop off our purchases, then back to the CBD to enjoy the area until dinner. Found a wonderful restaurant, but noticed when we left and walking around the CBD the streets were empty as were many restaurants (this was about 9pm). So we just got on the Tram and returned to our hotel - glad we didn't hotel in the CBD, rather happy with our choice of St. Kilda which was humming with people and restaurants filled with diners.

We paid a single fare for a "day-pass" on the Tram and used it four times - certainly worth the cost (not much, but don't recall the amount).

Friends who had been in MEL just a few days earlier, had stayed in the CBD and while it was fine during the day, they commented on just how quiet it was after 7pm.

That was our experience, so it's your choice.
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Feb 21st, 2004, 03:00 PM
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Karla - if you want something special have a look at Robinson's by the Sea, a B&B just across from the beach at St Kilda. Highly recommended by Frommers -
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Feb 21st, 2004, 09:09 PM
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Hi Mucky,
Back today and a bit bleary eyed after getting up at 3 am NZ time to get our flight. Just getting a bit of R&R on the computer after unpacking the suitcases and doing the washing - you know what it is like. Unfortunately we got caught up in the flood areas in NZ - so sorry for the poor people who have lost so much.
Karla - I'd definitely suggest staying in the CBD. Southbank would be my preference - you should be able to walk to everything in the city or catch the City Circle free tram.
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