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Debating about moving our holiday from early March to late March...planning to visit North and South Islands of New Zealand and can't seem to find when weather and lower tourist season might be better.

Thanks for your guidance.

Jed Nov 18th, 2005 11:43 AM

The later, the colder it will be, and that means less tourists. We went late March- early April. SI was cool, NI was short sleeve. In all, I would choose to go earlier.

Why are you considering changing?

vbca Nov 18th, 2005 08:19 PM

Usually starts to slacken off around mid March. February and early March you will need to pre-book accommodation in the Southern Lakes (Wanaka, Queenstown, Te Anau), and down the West Coast of the South island. After about March 16 you should be able to manage without pre booking, so would have more flexibility.

Our weather (Lower South island) doesn't get too cold until June - July, but this is a bit subjective. We get around in short sleeves well into May, while the tourists are dressed in padded jackets. Must breed em tough down here. Summer temps are between 20 -30 c. Winter between 0-10 c. March will be 15- 20. Problem is, this is just averages. We get days in the winter above 20, and summer days when it snows, Do you wonder the weather is everyones favourite topic.

Multiple layers of light clothing (poly propelene) is best, with a rain proof jacket to stop the wind.

Any time of year is fantastic, just come prepared to enjoy yourself, no matter what.

escargot Nov 19th, 2005 11:33 AM

We were in SI from March 12 thru 30 and found we were fine in short & long sleeve, fleece type vest, polypropelene outdoor wear, light rain jacket - type of outdoor pant that bottom zips off - clothing that took us from hiking/kayaking/walking and layered up if it was cool day or night, but mostly quite comfortable outdoor weather, which we prefer for traveling vs. too warm. There were a few days of light rain, but nothing that interfered for us, but who can ever count on weather being an exact science...I am jealous...the SI was magnificent on all counts. We did make lodging rezzies ahead of time, but that as always seems to be a personal preference.

KATHERINEMAEPARDEE Nov 20th, 2005 03:51 PM

We had booked airline tickets for early March for a 3 week visit to Kiwi. Fortunately we didn't buy the tickets but put them on hold. When we started to book hotels, everything was booked. We don't fly well by the seat of our pants and had to have every day detailed and know where we would be laying our head. Fortunately, we were advised about kids vacation times and EASTER break and rebooked our holiday. We are going from March 19 until April 12.

Good luck! have a great time; I know we will

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