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LizF, I'd like to hear what you think of KI. We were not overly impressed, especially after paying the ruinous charge for that short ferry trip (with car), but so many tourists head there that I'm wondering whether we missed something. I appreciate that most overseas visitors want to get up close & personal with Australian wildlife (I tried that once, and it bit me) but there are other options for doing that. As a former resident of the Adelaide Hills I second your thoughts on them (except for the hokey and quite inauthentic "German" touches in Hahndorf - the area was settled by Germans, but not of the Bavarian variety).
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Ok here goes re: K.I.
I still do not see why anyone would go all the way the South Australia and then all that extra to go to K.I to see animals when all over Australia there are areas that are far better, easier accessed and cost efficient to see animals of all sorts in many different areas - flora wise that is. No I am not a fan of K.I. and I have a very early book written by the surgeon on the ship which when sailing into the site which is now Adelaide and stopping at K.I. wrote that if anyone was thinking of coming to Australia then after seeing K.I. he would suggest that they rethink their decision as the place was a nightmare with nothing at all in redeeming factors about it.
In Qld's far north there are some wonderful tours both day and night time to see nature in the wild and some very rare species of animals as well.
In central Queensland you can see all the kangaroos, emus and other critters getting in the road of your car to get you complete fill of animals for life!
Southern Qld you can also get day and night tours for the natural stuff.
In N.S.W it is similiar depending where you are. In Victoria there are many places where you can see native animals in the wild and then you can sit on St Kilda beach at night and wait for the penguins.
Most beaches in the north of Tasmania and the east have penguin rookeries, Cradle Mountain is one of the best places to see and get close and personal with animals.
I personally think that there is a lot more one could do with their money getting to see some really great stuff instead of K.I.
Go to South Australia for the wine etc but not for nature - with the exception of the desert.
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Thanks for that, lizF - confirms my reaction. Admittedly I'm a bit jaded where kangaroos are concerned. I live in a Canberra suburb from which a short walk into the bush early in the a.m. will flush out any number of the beasts (and the occasional echidna, if you're lucky). I wouldn't get too close to them, though, as the large males can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Actually, there's a large resident population of kangaroos at the Royal Canberra Golf Club, where they can be found reclining on the fairways.

I believe that KI was actually settled before Adelaide, being used as a base by American whalers. Apparently the island boasts the only pure strain of Ligurian honey bees in the world, but in retrospect I'd have been happy just to know that from afar.

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Ant & Dec said on lastnights show that they were in New South Wales (can't be more specific than that though!)
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It's being filmed in a place called Coolangatta - which is in Southern Queensland - very close to the NSW border.
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Thanks for the info. There have been conflicting reports as to where it actually is being filmed - on GMTV they say New South Wales, but the credits at the end of the show says it has the backing of the Queensland Government.

Nethertheless, it looks like a really nice hotel that they're staying in!!
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MMmmm I'll be in Murbah for a couple of days next week troops so I'll do a bit of snooping and get back to you all. Who are the celebs involved - does anyone know?? I love going on a celeb hunt - any chance it could be Hugh Jackman?????
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This thread was started 4 years ago, which strikes me as a lengthy shoot for a TV episode.
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Oh whoopsy - how in the heck did that happen. On Neil, I didn't even see the date - just saw that Murwullimbah was featured. But how did it get to the 'front' row of questions on the left, which is where I found it?
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Was wondering that too, stormbird. No-one seems to have topped it.
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There was a person who topped it who owned a B&B. The editors must have removed her posts....
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Well, spotted, Tim_and_Liz!

On the subject of deletions I notice that the thread on Lord Howe Island has died a natural death after the editors removed a couple of intemperate posts (and my response with them).
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Thanks Tim & Liz - truly thought I was going troppo!!
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It was weird because the B&B owner was rather rude about where the OP stated the show was being filmed. The owner insisted it was being filmed near his/her B&B... I wanted to comment that perhaps they were different seasons due to the OP being in 2003. But we don't get that show here in the US so I didn't comment.

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