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Bob Blongiewicz Mar 4th, 1997 09:23 AM

Hong Kong/Thailand
Your Hong Kong travel book talks of the great shopping in HK, while
your Thai book states wait until you get to Thai
to shop because prices are better and selection is
just as good. Confused, what to buy in HK, and
what to buy in Thai???? Or just wait until we get
to Bangkok, Chang Mai????

Claiton Martelli Mar 4th, 1997 01:49 PM

HK: electronic products

Thai: ivory

l.martin Mar 4th, 1997 09:11 PM

I disagree with suggestion for electronics in HK-I looked at video equipment (May '96) and they did not have same Sony models as USA or even similar features--did not get a good bargain--good bargains were pearls at Rio Pearl Company and believe it or not: cashmere sweaters and Polo shirts from street vendors!!! Clothes,pearls,silk,knock-offs,jewelry were HK bargains in my opinion. The hassle of transporting electronic equipment vs the small cost difference was not worth it in my opinion! It's like Mexico-always ask for cheaper price, even in places like Stanley Market. Wish I was going again-would you like my shopping list?

has Mar 4th, 1997 11:44 PM

I just wanted to know where are some good places in Hong Kong for Shopping. Specially clothes. I heard that there r many places where they sell Export Quality stuff (the stuff they export mostly to N. America). I was looking for good quality stuff in a cheaper price than in US/Canada.
I will be also be traveling to Thailand on this trip. Is it better to shop over there comparing to Hong Kong?

kirsten Mar 18th, 1997 11:13 PM

I work in retail (at Nordstrom) and I just returned from Hong Kong and Thailand. Take my word for it
There Are No Bargains in Hong Kong anymore. Many years ago, yes, but no longer. My customers from Hong Kong tell they come to the States to shop because it's cheaper! Thailand has some excellent buys (though it's not really safe to buy jewelry--you can really get ripped off on precious stones). Bangkok has more to choose from as far as American-style clothing, etc. Chiang Mai has lots more of the unique stuff--hill tribe products, ethnic clothing, etc.

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