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Jessica Apr 21st, 2002 02:02 PM

Honeymoon Ideas
My fiance and I are looking into the possibility of going to Fiji or Tahiti for our honeymoon next January. Everywhere I read, it says that's the rainy season for those islands. Does anyone know what exactly "rainy season" means? Does that mean that it simply rains for an hour a day or will our beach vacation be a washout?

michelle Apr 21st, 2002 02:23 PM


michelle Apr 21st, 2002 02:25 PM

Rainy season - means that IT RAINS, AND RAINS AND RAINS AND YOU CAN HAVE CYCLONES and heavy rain for days and winds up to Typhoon strength or hurrican strength if you want a US comparison. You do not go to the tropics in the rainy season because that is what you will probably get RAIN!

Alan Apr 22nd, 2002 04:44 AM

Hi, Jessica!<BR><BR>Well, I guess Michelle (above) knows what she's talking about, but I must say that my own experience, several years ago, in Suva in January was quite different. Sure, it rained every day, and several times a day at that, but the rain came in short heavy showers that in just a few minutes were replaced by bright sunlight. In no time at all everything was dry again (including yourself), and you couldn't believe that there had been any rain. Then, a couple of hours later, it would pour again for another few minutes. But no cyclones, no typhoons, no problems. Maybe you should do a web search of the temperatures and rainfall in Fiji and Tahiti so that you can see exactly what you're in for. (I was also in Tahiti in January, but only for two or three days, and I honestly don't remember it raining at all, and certainly all our slides show bright sunny scenes... with, however, frequent banks of clouds hovering in the distance.) Maybe I was lucky... but SURELY it can't be as bad as Michelle makes it sound, or why would anyone go there?

Jessica Apr 22nd, 2002 07:33 AM

Thanks so much for your input Alan, you made me feel a lot better! It's hard to find a spot in January that's far away (I'm in NYC) and tropical. Did you love Fiji?

Mary Apr 22nd, 2002 12:12 PM

Yes it is th wet season in Fiji in january - but if you get off the mainland and out to either the Yasawa or Mamanuca Islands (on the 'dry' side of Fiji) it will be much less of a problem. I would not recommend any of the northern islands for January as they are much wetter and it is VERY hot and humid on the mainland. We found that in late January, you got heavy downpours late in the afternoon, but the rest of the time was fine.

Michelle Apr 22nd, 2002 01:30 PM

Sure Alan you can go to these places and not have problems. However I live in the region and those are the months that we experience cyclones and rain depressions and even if you are on the dry side of the island you WILL be effected by a cyclone. <BR>The risk of having a totally rained out 2 weeks is HIGH. <BR>Fiji is in the tropics in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, don't believe me if you don't want to Jessica but may I suggest that you check the weather sites and look at previous years.<BR>It is not my holiday so it doesn't matter to me one bit if it rains on you but believe others if you wish at your peril. Remember it is called the rainy season

Liz Apr 22nd, 2002 02:43 PM

All tropical areas of the world have rainy seasons and January is the worst time for the Pacific areas. <BR>In Fiji at that time of year it will be the hottest and the most humid ( which is the case here in Queensland as Alan always says :0) but more so ). Don't despair though as the semi-tropics can be fantasic at that time of year. I am speaking about Australia and New Zealand where it is summer but because most of Australia is not in the tropics it is milder temperature and terrific swimming and beach weather. NZ too will be that little bit cooler than Australia so you could still indulge in a wonderful honeymoon by the beach without the threat of monsoon rain should you so wish.<BR>You can go to the tropics in summer and be fine or you can go and spend the time in the middle of a rain depression/cyclone which will spoil your entire holiday. It is about the same as saying will there be a blizzard in NY state in January - there is a good chance that you will have one, but there is a chance that you will not. <BR>A cyclone is the worst scenario, they tend to last quite a while i.e. many days because they bring with them the same weather conditions as hurricans.<BR>I would suggest a change of venue for your honeymoon if you are concerned about the possibility of bad weather. <BR>

traveller Apr 22nd, 2002 04:25 PM

We were in Fiji a couple of years ago at the beginning of Feb and Fiji had just experienced a huge cyclone. They told us that it was the worst flooding and storms in many many years. You could see the water marks on buildings in Nadi, 10 feet up. The beaches were in total devastation. <BR><BR>We didn't have much rain while we were there other than the afternoon showers but the damage from the cyclone was extensive. But, we still enjoyed our stay. Fijiian people are so warm, kind and friendly. Still, if you are looking for a beach and sunbathing during that time of year, perhaps you should explore the Carribean rather than Fiji or Tahiti.<BR><BR>It would be terrible if your honeymoon was ruined by bad weather.<BR><BR>Fiji is beautiful but very laid back. Don't expect lots of night life.

Jessica M. Apr 22nd, 2002 06:34 PM

Thank you everyone for your honest and thoughtful responses. I'll have to think this one through. For the people who've been to Fiji, where did you stay?

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