Heat rash (!) + Itinerary

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Heat rash (!) + Itinerary


Thanks in advance for helping me out!
I will be in Oz November 21-December 18.
Here is my idea of where I would like to visit, in rough order:

Fly to Ayers Rock
Ghan train to Adelaide
Kangaroo Island
Great Ocean Road
Sydney/Blue Mountains, then home.

Perhaps my biggest issue is that I can?t tolerate heat, and I get a really uncomfortable heat rash if I?m in a hot and/or humid area for more than 3-4 days. So, I?m wondering if I?m early enough in the spring/summer to avoid really uncomfortable heat and humidity in Brisbane? Is there a good chance that I won?t be able to get out to the Reef due to weather conditions? Maybe not worth the time? I know that AR will be hot, and that?s unavoidable.

Suggested length of stays for these sites? Or should I go somewhere else?

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Nets: Nov-Dec is a pretty good time for Australia in general, though it will be getting very hot in the North and in the outback at that time. Brisbane can be get very hot and humid, but perhaps more so later in the summer (Jan-Feb).
By the way Brisbane is not terribly close to the GBR, which starts several hundred kilometers further north near Bundaberg and Gladstone (4-5 hr drive). You can visit the GBR year round weather-wise.

Your itinerary is a good one, but I'd say you'll need a bit more time to do it properly. Given the time of year, I'd suggest cutting out Ayers Rock, fly to Adelaide and continue on from there.
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I think you are trying to do too much in the time you have. I would take something out of the itinerary - either Tasmania, Ayers Rock or Brisbane. As Ralph mentions, you wouldn't fly to Brisbane to see the Great Barrier Reef, you need to fly to Cairns (or somewhere in the far north like Cairns).
Anywhere in Queensland will be hot and probably humid that time of year. Melbourne could be hot but more likely cool to warm.
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Thanks for your responses!

Per your advice, I am going to cut out Uluru, and probably get to Bundaberg in order to see a southern island or two in the reef.

Brisbane, fly to Bundaberg and GBR
Fly to Sydney and Blue Mountains
Melbourne and Tasmania
? Great Ocean Road
Adelaide and Kangaroo Island
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Hi Nets, I live in Queensland and am from Bundaberg ( grew up there) but don't live there now.... something I will be eternally grateful for! However I have had a number of heated arguments with other posters about where the GBR starts and ends and as far as I am concerned and 100% of the cartographers in Australia it is NO WHERE NEAR Bundaberg unless of course you want a 3rd rate experience in what is a sub-tropical, south of the GBR reef island and for that matter you can experience something very similiar off Morton Island which is off Brisbane and not bother with the flight to Bundaberg and the boat crossing. Fly from Brisbane to the Whitsundays which is really the southern most part of the GBR with all the infastructure for tourists and many islands to choose from. November will be warm to hot but not excessively so, say about 30 C degrees with 45% - 50% humidity.
The centre and Ayers Rock will be getting hot to very hot at that time, although you can still get mild weather till after Christmas. although it could be hot it would not have anymore than about 10% humidity and so the heat is more tolerable, however I personally would not take the risk as roasting is not my favourite experience at the best of times.
Tasmania would be wonderful with beautiful weather and so would the trip along the GOR. Kangaroo island can be duplicated in many areas of Australia and by doing that you can avoid what I consider the excessive cost of getting there.
Don't push youself to too many areas as you really need quite some time in each place i.e. I would fly immediately to the GBR - either the Whitsundays or to Cairns and expect to spend say 6 days in and around that area. Spend a little time in Brisbane and see the surrounding areas of either the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast and its hinterland - again 4 days or so. Sydney/ Blue Mountains etc should take you a good 6 days with possibly a trip to Canberra. Tasmania requires at least one week or more and the GOR etc about 4 days if you do only that but with a bit extra around Melbourne then add a day or so.
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Nets, are you flying into Australia from overseas? If so, then perhaps we can advise you better knowing, which city you will arrrive and where you want to depart from. The airline companies in Australia, have various connections to nearly all places you have mentioned. Let me know the above, and I think I could advise you more. Because of your heat rash problem, I would opt for Qld in November, and the southern cities & sights in December. Also how long do you want to spend in each location? This is important, as you can waste time in a place that might only need 3 days to see.
I agree that Brisbane could be taken off your list. You can fly from Sydney/Melbourne etc, straight through & land on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, and from there, you can visit the outer barrier reef on a day trip, also the white sands of Whitehaven Beach (another nice trip)
Looking at your itinerary, it sounds like you will arrive at Brisbane, then fly to somewhere north in Qld to visit the barrier reef. You may have to fly back to Brisbane, to get a jet through to Alice Springs.
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Thank you thank you once again!

Lucky me, I managed to get a free ticket on Qantas! However, it has changed my (tentative) plans.

I'll arrive in Cairns on 11/24 (morning) and leave from Melbourne 12/17 (also morning).

With everyone's suggestions, I'm now considering the following:

Cairns 4 days
Syndey/Blue Mtns 6 days
GOR 3 days
Melbourne/Taz 7 days
+ 2 more days

Should I try to slip into Adelaide sometime before spending time Melbourne and Taz? And what about other good wildlife viewing areas (per Liz) without the cost of Kangaroo Island? Is this Tasmania? I've read on previous posts that the train from Sydney to Blue Mountains is worthwhile. Opinions?
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