Great Barrier Reef Islands

Feb 27th, 2009, 03:45 PM
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Stay tuned to and I think there was something on news weather last night re a new low pressure system.

If you already have booked I imagine the operator will be able to let you know what's going on.
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Feb 28th, 2009, 05:51 PM
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When I stumbled upon this site several weeks ago I thought fantastic. I have found a place in Cyber space where people can express their own opinion unencumbered by others.
We live in a world full of rage, surf board rage, footpath rage, plane rage, boat rage , road rage.

Do we need it in Cyber space?
If airlian wants to present his case for his part of the world thatís fine by me.
If you bush ranger wish to plug certain web sites and travel agents as you do every time you post thatísí fine by me as well.

When you tell another poster he or she is writing drivel that sort of makes me think well the rage thing has caught up to Cyber Space.

If you two met in the pub you would more than likely enjoy each otherís company and swap dive stories. So why be at each otherís throats here.

By the way Bushranger I have snorkelled along some of the most amazing coral gardens at Lizard Island. Bommie Bay , Crystal Point , North Point , The Clam Garden all offer excellent quality reef and marine life. Where else in the world can you swim in Mangroves with Turtles and sand sharks.
I have camped on Hook Island in the Whitsundays on many occasions and know Mantaray / Luncheon very well and yes they are also great locations for snorkelling and diving.
As far as the initial question posted by Frau is concerned, I am still happy to carry the bags.

I think the destinations mentioned are fabulous.
If she had a life time like us locals perhaps there would be other destinations she would visit as well. Maybe if we are all nice she just might come back again.

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Feb 28th, 2009, 06:37 PM
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Talk about rage webby!, wow!, and a double wow!!

I think you ought to have a better read of posts and you'll find that I have neither canned any locations nor make references to agents other than that there are online sites that have listings of many services.

Have a look at my very first post and you'll see reference to various Whitsunday locations.

Now quite a bit different to what I have posted, you'll find that another on one hand pushes some locations as against others and then yet details how often he has dived at those other sites! - is there some sort of inconsistency there?
I'll let you decide if you want to read thoroughly.

I'll post again for you:

" You have to remember that the vast majority of people that visit the Whitsundays do the resort islands and express their opinions based on the snorkeling off those islands."

and that infers what?
I'll again allow you to decide
I just disagree with that inference and it is what I consider to be over the top.

I know from my own experiences in the Whitsundays that there are many off beach fringing reefs, just as there are in a few Cairns region snorkelling locations and personally I do not go about comparing one against the other nor with snorkelling on outer reefs for when in the water I have usually found my experiences splendid enough anywhere.

The drivel I refer to is that one with so much experience would see not just see fit to attempt scoring points on what their experience is against another but go nitpicking about such things as to the location of the cod hole and the Yongala wreck etc., information posted that was very clear.

A challenge for you webby - show me one line where I have criticised any location mentioned.

Sorry about all this rubbish einshernfrau and you will enjoy your island/reef experiences no matter where you go, the main issue being structuring your movements and you seem to have a handle on that.
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Mar 2nd, 2009, 12:36 AM
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Check that link and tell me how The Whitsundays doesn't compare favorably with anywhere in Cairns or further north.

Bushranger you are serial poster that really doesn't know much abiut what they are saying. You can't help it I'd uimagine your a bit like Dorrie Evans, that fine lady that has to have their say as well as the last word.

Lets go through your issues.

Yes the majority of resort visitors only snorkel off their resort.
Less than 10% of visitors that visit HI go to the outer GBR. Now that is nowhere near a majority, some do inner island cruises although HI in particular doesn't have many choices bar H2O watersports and they don't visit the best places. The rest may do the fish feeding snorkeling adventure off Catseye Beach which is fun but by no means an example of rthe best snorkeling to be found in The Whitsundays.

So the vast majority of people visiting the resorts only see the coral available in front of the resorts and hence believe that is it.

The question asked for alternatives that is what I was providing.

As for people knowing where they are. Once when working at South Molle years ago I passed a bareboat moored in the bay and a pheasant just happened to let go one of it's hooping calls. The Australian lady aboard the bareboat commented that there must be monkeys on the island. The Whitsundays are half way up the Queensland coast and as far as I know the nearest monkeys are a bit further north so maybe not everyone is aware of their surroundings.

I stand by Lizard and The Cod hole not being anywhere near each other. It is a fair drag to the Cod Hole, but you can get anywhere by plane. I don't class Hook Island as being close to Bait Reef but it is closer to there than Lizard is to The Cod Hole. Thanks for the map, but I really don't need it, I know where it is.

Here is the question I was answering
Thank you for your detailed information airlian.
We had planned to spend a little more time at Lizard Island only because we have heard the reef is very good.
Are you suggesting we spend that time in the Whitsundays and maybe forget about the Lizard Island.
How would you compare the diving in that area compared to the Whitsundays.

And I think I answered truthfully. The difference is I rate the experience through my eyes and not a dive book. I have never seen so many references to world rated dive sites.
As for being a tourist operator, not for quids. These guys make huge investments to be at the mercy of the weather, and all manner of troubles, it is much easier working for them for a regular pay, to be honest I am sure some weeks I made more than they did.

Where is the inconsistency in diving. I live here and have the opportunity to dive whenever I want. My occupation as a cane train driver gives me over 7 months of the year to do what I like and that is diving and snorkeling much to the disgust of the majority of my local mates that would prefer to catch the fish.

I haven't said the cod hole or ribbons are not worth diving, they are a great dive, but yes I have seen better in many places and many places tourists just can't get to. It is not uncommon for us to take the boats out to the GBR for a few nights, one of the advantages of living here. I have only just got back into port from one such trip, the reason for my delayed respnose to your trivialities. The other advantage is that I have plenty of time to cruise the coast in my time off and do so with glee.

Righto webby now it is your turn. There is no way Bushranger and I would be having a beer in the pub together. There is nothing I dislike more than someone that knows everything about everything. There is one thing I will say though, if we were having a beer together he or she would not be talking to me in the way they have. On a brighter note, my next door neighbour and I ( both mill workers) have decided to visit Thursday Island. My mate is of TI blood but has never visited his home island so we are really looking forward to it. Have you dived around there and have you any tips? I am sure we'll get a few from his lations, but was wondering if you knew of any?

Bushranger can't wait for your reply. Your arguments are so witty and actually quite funny as you display your ignorance. Keep sticking your nose in everywhere as it wouldn't be as much fun without you. by the way one of your regualer Whitsunday links will be finishing up in a few weeks, but you knew that already I am sure. cheers airlian
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Mar 2nd, 2009, 02:45 AM
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Seems just a lot more drivel so no more reply than that needed.
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Mar 2nd, 2009, 11:46 AM
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last word hey Dorrie. he he he
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Mar 4th, 2009, 03:49 PM
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Thursday Island is the main administrative centre for the Torres Strait Islands.
The Arafura Sea and the South Pacific Ocean ( Coral Sea ) meet at the Northern Most Tip of Australia in the area known as the Torres Straits which is the body of ocean that separates Papua New Guinea from Australia.

The local people are extremely Maritime in the habits and culture. They have been living out of the sea for thousands of years. They view diving and snorkelling as a means of obtaining food. Even though many of the Islands in the Straits are surrounded by magnificent reefs diving and or snorkelling for tourists has never really taken off. The main reason of course is the distance and the hassles involved in getting there. Then once there services are pretty much nonexistent.

Many locals dive for the famous painted cray which are a valuable delicacy in mainland China where they are shipped to be sold live in restaurants. Whites begun diving for Pearls 200 years ago in the Straits and this activity still continues. In the early days the first peral divers employed Japenese divers many of whom are buried on Thursday Island after dying of the dreaded bends. This is the reason the Japanese did not bomb Thursday Island during WW11.
You say your friend has relatives’ on T.I. I am certain these relatives would know some amazing places they could take you for diving and snorkelling to see marine life and reef.
Would I dive off TI. Only for Cray or to spear. Only with experienced people. Locals.

And then only if I was certain there were no Salt Water Croc sightings in the area.
There are much better places to dive / snorkel in the Straits.
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Mar 4th, 2009, 10:48 PM
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Thanks webby, Yeah my mate is TI and actually has some Japanese blood in him as well, so his Mum says.

Not overly bothered by crocs I live with them all around me and have spotted the odd croc around my local islands. I have a croc nest maybe 800 metres from my house.

MMM get plenty of painted crays here so it will be for the diving and meeting his rellies. My sister in law worked in the pub there for a fair while but unfortunately is not a diver so we'll wait to see the locals, that is always the best advice, local advice. thank you muchly for replying. cheers airlian
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Mar 12th, 2009, 03:41 PM
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I do hope your trip goes well and I would think that Daintree Air, a prominent high end tourism market operator will have right knowledge to book you on to a good Whitsundays cruise.

The poster airlian whilst being critical of other links seems to be consistently pushing links where he has personal knowledge of the operators, and that not necessarily a good thing.
We have had some further avid discussion on another thread and seeing as airlian had never heard of Daintree Air, pushing particular sites to me has a danger, especially where there are some odd things involved.

On the internet it really is a case of buyer beware, beware the unknown, both web sites and those who seek to promote them and so I post here for you, just a couple of posts from the other thread.

"airlian on Mar 12, 09 at 06:51 AM
Good one Bushranger. ceases operation on the 1st April, so that is a great link. It is aq company that advertises it's own boats and noone elses. It is a coop for boat owners. I thought you'd know that considering that you continually push them even for GBR daytrips which they don't do.
Your other links are indvidual companies and I am sure you would get unbiased opinions from them. No doubt they would let you know if another company had the best optiion for you, yeah right. is a state wide site that doesn't specialise in The Whitsundays so why would you use a company that is based 1000km's away and more than likely have never seen the boats let alone know them. owners also own around 5 boats so no guesses which boats they will recommend. He is also a director of the nearly defunct Ozadventure sailing group so I'm sure there would be unbiased advice there. never heard of these guys and I notice they have no phone contact details so they aren't local. At least they seem to have a good range of cruises including the very bottom dwellers, but still doubting their knowledge.

Now I know you know everything but how do you know what sort of knowledge the agents I recommended have. Why can't anybody have in depth knowledge of the sailing market. I personally could rattle off the names of the entire fleet available here from all of the companies, are you telling me a local agent that makes their livelyhood out of these vessels can't have that same knowledge, sorry you are wrong.

Again for the best advice contact a LOCAL Whitsunday agent.
Libby & Bob
All are LOCAL and know what they represent.
You will get the best advice from these guys. They don't own any boats and they represent all of the companies here, what more can you ask for. The best boat for your needs. cheers airlian

airlian on Mar 12, 09 at 06:58 AM
By the way Solway Lass is a Dutch built vessel mad of German Blue steel and served WW1 on the German side before serving WW11 on the allies side and being refirbed for the tall ship bicentennial celebrations in Sydney in 1988. She is a good old vessel and still does an excellent 3day/3night island trip. Probably more for the younger brigade although she can have a good mix of demographics on her. She is around 105 years old and still looking good. airlian

Bushranger on Mar 12, 09 at 09:30 AM
Of the three sites you have there airlian
. first gives an address at Mt Julian
. second has that particular look about it
. and third comes up with "Oops it appears broken"

You do know do you not that a site gives an impression of professionalism just as a post here can and there's still something very fishy but Mt Julian! - its a long way from the beach - seems like you're promoting backyard home office organisations.

elnap29, I would be very wary of dealing with people on any of those sites that airlian mentions - like if someone is running a business from Mt Julian, that's rather odd!

If you want a more central, general booking agency is another and as for airlians knowledge, on another thread he opebly admits to never having heard of Daintree Air which is quite a prominent tourism as well as a flight organisation.

I posted above that there is a huge range of sailing options available, and I have not posted anywhere near what is available, a lot of those companies you can book with diectly yourself but do some searching yourself and you'll quickly pick up on what may be an organisation you want to deal with as against home operators looking to cash in on the tourism trade."

I have also alerted the forum moderator to the oddities that seem to be there with sites promoted by airlian and I am sure if you view those and compare with other sites you can make your own decision.

Mt Julian is not btw a Whitsundays suburb as airlian would have you believe and if you googlr Mount Julian you will get a map showing it to be a rural area closer to Proserpine which is some 35 km. from Airlie Beach.
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Mar 12th, 2009, 05:12 PM
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Oh my goodness.
The above comments have more to do about a perceived ownership of a forum than they do of offering relevant travel advice. There also appears to be a total inability to understand that sometimes others offer alternate advice that may be better & more relevant than your own.
I think there are some amongst us who are bordering on obsessive, compulsive & have lost touch with what these forums were designed for. To share & swap travel knowledge with a like minded community.
To imply that fellow Fodorites are merely posting for their own monetary gain is mischeiveous, unwarranted & unsubstantiated.
This is not the first time allegations of this type have been spruiked on this forum.
I hope that the moderators do act, & silence those who choose to unfairly target those whose only error was to offer good advice.
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Mar 13th, 2009, 01:02 AM
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These are 3 of the biggest comopanies here. fantasea and Cruise Whitsundays are the major daytrip operations based here and are the only 2 companies that offer GBR daytrips from Airlie.
pacific Sunrise is in my humble opinion the best overnight cruise available here.
Look at these pages and you will notice links from these 3 big players to .
Do you really think that these big time players in our market would recommend a backyard shonky business, I doubt it. You may also notice that they don't recommend any out of town or internet only sites as you do Bushranger.

Oh and I don't know Daintree air, why would I it is based 800 kms away from The Whitsundays, so how could they have an intimate knowledge of Whitsunday cruises? I have never bagged them I just haven't heard of them, please excuse my ignorance.

Mt Julian is 16 km's from Airlie Beach, check your google map. It is in between Proserpine and Airlie. Proserpine is where our seats of power lay as in The Whitsunday shire council and is very much the heart of The Whitsundays, so I can't see how you would say Mt. Julian is not a suburb of The Whitsundays. Maybe I have been mistaken all of these years and Strathdickie, Mt. Marlow, Dingo Beach, Hydeaway Bay and Conway Beach are not part of this area, funny they always used to be.

Airlie beach has only been around for 30-40 years while Proserpine was founded by pioneering stock over 150 years ago
So yes I am Proserpinian as all born and bred locals are. Does that mean I don't know the islands, I doubt it, I have ventured to the islands and reef before I could walk with my father and his mates. We used to go to Hamilton island before there was a resort there.

The reason I say use a local agent is simple and has been explained before.

If you want a good quality cruise and get in touch with they will recommend pacific Sunrise because it is in their stable. I have no problems with that as she is a fine vessel.
If you contacted they would recommend Whitsunday magic which again is a fine vessel.
If you contact they will recommend Coral trekker another great boat. But none of these companies will recommend all 3 because they don't want to give business to the opposition.

A good local agent will more than likley mention all of these boats plus maybe Descarada which is a 1 boat company as well as possibly iceberg which is another 1 boat company. So the agents represent all of the companies and have all of the boats at their disposal not just ones that belong to a certtain business. That is the only way to get true unbiased advice which in the end gives you the best choices available to you. Surely that is not tooo hard to work out.

The reason I joined this forum is to stop the spread of massive amounts of misinformation that is being peddled on this site and sites like it. remember your devestataed resorts with cash flow problems, that is a prime example.
The reason I joined this forum is to offer local knowledge to the many people that request it.
The reason I joined this forum is to help people make the most of their stay in my backyard.
The reason I joined this forum is to help people, too bad you can't say the same.
Run to the moderators all you want, I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. All i ahve done is offer excellent advice on the best way to experience one of the most beautiful places in Oz. cheers airlian
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Mar 16th, 2009, 07:22 PM
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airlian and bushranger; get a grip! you are ruining my vacation planning!!!
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