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mom_n_me Mar 20th, 2006 05:54 AM

changing mind
hi! my mom and i will be in brisbane from mar28-apr1. i have already been planning to book a hotel at surfer's paradise (as advised by a travel agent) when i discovered your site (luckily!).

we want to visit the movieworld & sea world. any suggestions on must-see/do places/things around brisbane/gold coast area. marine life is one of my major interest but we're open to try anything. :)

i love the beach but my mom is not as fond. if we stay at surfer's paradise, will the weather be nice enough for me to stay at the beach in the mornings? any suggestions where to stay at surfer's paradise?

if we decide not to stay at surfer's paradise, where is the best place to stay to be able to see/do other things you suggested(even just spend 1 day or maybe even half a day at the beach)? again any suggestions on where to stay?(nothing fancy)

thanks in advance.

Orlando_Vic Mar 20th, 2006 07:54 AM

We spent the second week of March 2005 in Surfers Paradise. It was just as I had read: big, noisy and very touristy. The beach is beautiful, very wide and uncrowded. The comparison to Florida's Miami Beach is accurate. However, if you are without a car, everything is within easy walking distance: restaurants, internet cafes, drug stores and even a very good grocery store. We stayed at Chateau Beachside
<> but did not book through their website. We called them directly and got an even better rate over the phone. Apparently, they have outsourced their web bookings to another party who then takes a percentage of your rental payment. Chateau Beachside, like many (most?) other nearby properties is a serviced apartment with full kitchen, living room, washer & dryer, etc. However, if we ever return, we'll try to get a reservation at the Grosvenor Beachfront Apartments <> about 1 block away, on the Esplanade, directly facing the ocean. Although the Grosvenor costs a little more, it is newer, has better facilities and is equally close to everything in Central Surfers Paradise. We'll try the direct phone call approach too for reservations.

However, late March will be a shoulder season and you should be able to get better rates than during summer.

I think the Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle <> can get you to the major tourist attractions.

You may also wish to consider visiting Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo <>. We got a package (transportation & admission) from Gray Line <> and they picked up and dropped off at our apartment in Surfers, at no extra charge. We initially thought it might be just another tourist trap but it was very good.

coastgirl Mar 20th, 2006 02:57 PM

The Gold Coast is about a one hour drive south from Brisbane. Surfers Paradise is pretty much at the beach and there are plenty of hotels and apartments to choose from.

Also note that Australia Zoo as noted in the above posters reply is at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast which is about a one to one and a half hour drive north of Brisbane.

Try the following web sites for info on the Gold Coast: and

bhuty Mar 21st, 2006 04:13 PM

is movie world included in the 3 park pass? I'm sure its not but check it out anyway.

There are companies that arrange very good specials for 3 or 4 night stays in south east queensland who do most of their marketing through telesales. I wish I could remember their names so I could check out some special deals for you.

Being somewhere around surfers will be fine. You can also check out apartments rather than hotels

I think the Gold coast international was running a tv special for march.

I've said it before and I'l say it again that the night tour at currumbin is expensive but worth it (take a camera).

mom_n_me Mar 22nd, 2006 06:50 PM

thanks so much for the inputs. i've finally decided to stay at surfer's paradise.

orlando_vic: i'm thinking of booking at chateau beachside because they have a special going on around our dates.

bhuty, yes, i already checked out that 3-day pass and yes, the movie world is included. one question about the night tour at currumbin. should we take both the day tour and night tour or the night tour alone would be worth it?

thanks again.

bhuty Mar 23rd, 2006 05:31 PM

well the night tour doesn't give you the bird experience but it is very intimate and for my family of 4, yeah it cost a bit more than a local would want to pay but I still valued the experience.

try this: when you arrive give them a call and ask them what the benefits are of doing the night over the day visit and decide from there. You'll have to book the night tour too.

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