Australia vs New Zealand

Aug 8th, 2007, 03:48 PM
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I've done a fair amount of research into the lives and times of my convict ancestors, including examining facsimiles of original documents such as tickets-of-leave. I've found no evidence that either of the terms "Prisoner of His Majesty" or "Prisoner of Mother England" was in general use during the transportation years.

Most likely, "pommy" was an abbreviation of "pomegranate", which in turn was rhyming slang for "immigrant". However, there's insufficient evidence for anyone to pronounce on the matter with any certainty.

Likewise "sheila", which as LizzyF points out is now obsolescent - except perhaps in the minds of Brits who've never visited Australia. kaneda's explanation strikes me as highly contrived. The Oxford Australian Dictionary claims it derives from "shaler", whose meaning is unknown, but as with "pom", nobody actually knows.

Nothing that I've seen kaneda post about Australia conveys any sense that s/he has ever actually seen more of the country than a transit lounge, if that. S/he does seem to be nursing some classically English (lower middle class, if I'm not mistaken) prejudices about this country.
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Aug 13th, 2007, 06:32 PM
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Hi Tfog!

I've used speed reading to zip through these many posts, and thought I might be able to help you now that you've decided on NZ, and golf seems to be one of your major interests.

I should point out that I know nothing about golf, except that I once got the ball in the clown's mouth playing miniture golf,(and a free game), and that pretty much sums up my golf experience!

However, I do have golfing clients, and am currently working on two separate itineries for two couples each, where golf is an interest, (as well as a client last year, who's played all the top courses in Golf Magazine's "100 Top Courses in the World", and since there were FOUR on the list he hadn't played, he went to Oz & NZ "just" to play them!)

You've probably done your research and everyone's posted here about various courses, so I only have 2 things to contribute:

1. Clients who have played courses the world over, including the "pilgrammage" to Scotland, have just returned and said that Terrace Downs (outside of Christchurch) had to be the most beautiful course they've ever played.

2. Queenstown has been awarded the spot to host the NZ Golf Open, which has a 1.5 million dollar prize - HUGE! This starts Nov. 28th.

I found out about this when it was announced (2 months ago), and realized I had 2 couples, who's itinerary I had been working on, going in that timeframe. I immediately contacted my sales rep for Millbrook, only to find out that all rooms were booked out (even before it was announced) to the golfers, the media, etc.

I had to "flip" my client's whole itinerary around so they could stay at Millbrook and avoid the event. Got them all confirmed, and then, just last week, my sales rep contacted me and said they had a cancellation and that they could now accommodate them (and NO, I'm not changing it back!)

So, what I'm trying to say, in a long winded way, is that Millbrook will most likely be booked out, and all the people who couldn't get in there will go to Queenstown and Arrowtown and the place will be really busy and full.

Hope this is helpful!


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