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AussieJo Sep 25th, 2003 10:13 PM

Tim, Thankyou for your great trip report. I am sure it will bring great pleasure to many people knowing you have had such a great time & that we have helped in some small way.

Neil_Oz Sep 25th, 2003 11:28 PM

Tim, I was particularly touched that you appreciated our small contribution to haute cuisine, the Aussie meat pie. It's a pity that you missed Adelaide's unique contribution to this genre, the "pie floater", which consists of a pie swimming in pea soup with, if memory serves, a glob of tomato sauce (ketchup) on top. Come to think of it, probably a lucky escape. For all I know the floater is now defunct - when I lived in Adelaide it was served from a food cart in Victoria Square, strategically located to catch homebound drunks late at night. In those days that was about as much fun as you could have in Adelaide, but the city's options have vastly improved in recent years, without sacrificing the city's laid-back charm.

(Must go - I have to put on my stillettos before clocking on at the Department of Silly Walks' late shift. Damn, they always want the last word, don't they?)

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