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Eleanore Feb 10th, 1997 10:45 AM

Australia, Sydney, Great Barrier Reef etc.
At Sydney Airport, go to the Hotel Reservations Desk, these people are VERY helpful. While there, buy a pass for the Red Bus that runs around Sydney you can get on and off the bus all day long to see the sights in Sydney and the bus runs quite frequently. I bought a 3-day pass and should have had a 5-day one. Take a tour that goes to the 3 Sisters in the Mountains outside Sydney. Spectacular. Also, they take you to zoo of sorts, where you can mingle with Koalas, and different types of kangaroos, while I was there, they had a Tasmanian Devil. I spent 5 days in Sydney and it wasn't enough time. Am returning in Sept. If you want further info. feel free to E-mail me. ENJOY. Also, there is more info on the Barrier Reef on one of the Messages from Trini. He just spent time on the Barrier Reef in Oct. He has lots of info. and I'm sure he'll gladly pass it on to you.

Linda Feb 24th, 1997 03:54 PM

My 16yr. old son and I hope to cover similar territory at end of June. We have three weeks. Since our last name is Ayers, we want to see Ayers Rock. Know anything about it? Is two days enough out there?

Eleanore Feb 26th, 1997 12:28 PM

Sorry Linda, can't help you out there. Try where you pick up your Australian visa.I do know they have great small books on Australia and nearly every place there.

Mike Gebicki Mar 8th, 1997 03:03 PM

Dear Linda

Two days is plenty at Ayers Rock (also known to the Aborigines as Uluru - maybe you should consider a name change). Climbing The Rock takes 1/2 day, you should also visit The Olgas nearby (bigger, and better for hiking) and pack in a sunrise and sunset.

Linda Mar 11th, 1997 05:03 PM

Thanks for the tip. Looks like some good hiking shoes need to go in the suitcase. Iím guessing a water bottle would also be a good idea. As for the name change, not sure how that would sit with my Russian/German/English forebearers, but Iíll keep it in mind.

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