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Karen Mar 29th, 1997 10:28 PM

Australia in August
My husband and I are planning a trip in August. We would be flying into Sydney, but want to go and spend some time at Perth, also. We want to meet the people of Austrialia and get to know the real thing. Are schools in session during the month of August? I work in the field of education.

Michael Mar 30th, 1997 09:22 PM

Yes - schools are in session in Sydney from 13 July to 27 Sept, and in Perth from 20 July to 27 Sept.

Jillian Apr 11th, 1997 10:48 PM

Went 2 years ago in July. They had just returned from holiday (vacation to me) and when I called schools they were more than happy to have me visit.I found it easy to make arrangements once I was there as long as I had some flexability about time. to fit in with their schedules. As a Special Education teacher I had some specific interests in inclusion and found an equal interest in what we are doing, also info and help at the university. I was in Canberra and Sydney.

Karen Apr 28th, 1997 08:34 PM

Can you name a place or two that you could recommend
for snorkling around the Great Barrier Reef. So many places are mentioned in the books that it is confusing. I would prefer not to be in large groups.
Also, where is the best Aquarium to visit in Australia?

Kerry Apr 29th, 1997 04:04 PM

The Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour is very good. It has underwater walkways to view the fish and sharks. Taronga Park Zoo is also a good place to visit. It is on Sydney Harbour and can easily be reached by ferry from the city centre and has great views of the Harbour. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Karen Apr 29th, 1997 05:34 PM

Thanks for the information on the aquariums. Do you have any suggestions for the Harbor Tours that are advertised? Best or ones to avoid! What type of weather can I expect in August?

Kerry Apr 30th, 1997 08:35 PM

Weather in August is a bit hard to predict. It is officially the last month of winter and early August can be cool and is often windy. Temp range 10C at night to 15 -16C during the day. Late in August can still be cool or, as in the last year or two, start to warm to about 20C during the day. It's the luck of the draw. As long as the wind holds off it can be O.K. - brisk walking weather. The Harbour is heavily used as a form of transport for the locals and many government ferries and cats will take you anywhere along the Harbour at relatively low cost. Just get on a ferry and see where it goes. If you want a commentary there are dozens of tourist boats - some with dinner or coffee cruises, also old fully rigged sailing ships. I think they are all good. Last time we had overseas relatives visit we took them on a "Matilda Cruise" One ticket covered the cost of the cruise with a BBQ lunch on board, entry to the Aquarium, Chinese Gardens and something else I don't remember now. I think it was about Aus$39 and good value. Feel free to email me if you would like more info.

Glen Jun 3rd, 1997 06:04 PM

Hello Karen

I was just reading your enquiry about Perth. I'm from Perth so hopefully I can help you.

School is in during August. I work at Curtin University the largest university in WA. We welcome visitors. I coordinate Study Tours for our students
to different parts of the world. We are going to the US in 3 weeks.

The weather here during August is fairly mild compared to US winters. I was in St Louis in January
last year and it was below freezing the whole time.

Any more questions just ask.


Alyon Rodrigues Jun 30th, 1997 07:03 PM

I will be moving to Australia in Sept. for about a year form the US and was wondering what is the best way to make friends and meet people in Australia. I want to find a job, an apartment and I will be traveling alone. I am 28 and wanting to experience life in a different country but one that I can commnunicate in..

If there is anybody from Sydney who can write a little bit about your city and how difficult or easy it is for an American to make friends in Sydney I would appreciate it. Incidentally do you guys have like a sydney weekly that posts all happenings around town... Thanks..

Jim Christensten Jul 2nd, 1997 11:58 AM

Dear Glen,
We meet many backpackers from Australia (we live near the west gate of Yellowstone Park) and find them very friendly, we always try to reciprocate with a warm smile. We are going to be in Perth the end of July and the first of August. We have a son living there. I would like to go on a fishing trip on the ocean, knowing it is winter there is that possible? Can you suggest your favorite non-tourist spot that will help us learn about the people and the country? Any recommendations for winter dress in Perth?

Glen Jul 28th, 1997 12:53 AM


I'm sorry that I haven't repsonded sooner to your request for info on Perth. I returned from a working trip to the USA on the weekend. I was over there for a month.

A fishing trip out on the ocean is noo doubt possible at a cost of course. The place I would recommend is probably on the other side of Rottnest Island or Garden Isalnd, bothe islands not far off the coast. Just look in the yellow pages when you arrive and see what sort of deals can be found by ringing around.

Non-tourist spots are of course hard to find. If you would like to see some Australian culture in action go and see an Australian Rules Football match. This sport is very popular in Australia and some of us are avid supporters of our West Australian teams.

Another great thing to do is to visit the Fremantle Markets or Freo Markets as we call them. Of course there will be tourists there but there will also be loads of locals doing their weekly food shopping or having an icecream or coffee. Fremantle is a great place to visit on a whole, this city has a lot of character. Just take a walk along one of our beautiful metropolitan beaches and you'll fall in love with Perth. We are truly blessed here with beautiful sights and weather, generally.

Winter dress in Perth is nothing like what you need in some parts of the US in winter. We do tend to get very cold winds here on certain days. You'd probably get by with wearing jeans and sweaters and maybe a pair of gloves. We have had in the last few weeks unusually cold weather with the tempertature dropping down to zero degrees celcius. Should you need any more warm clothing you wont have any problems buying extra.

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful city and I hope the weather is kind to you.Good luck with your fishing trip!

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