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ann2 Mar 2nd, 2003 06:09 AM

Accommodation 6 months near Concorde, Sydney
Anyone now of accommodation furnished or otherwise near Concorde for about 6 months or maybe longer? What is this area like re safetly, recreation etc? Thanks.

Daneille Mar 2nd, 2003 05:36 PM

I do not live there so can only go by observances.<BR><BR>Concord is not too far from the city of Sydney but it is closer to the Olympic site of Homebush Bay. It is a very residential suburb, which has recently experienced a bit of a housing boom - probably due to its location to the Olympic site and close proximity to Sydney and the fact that Sydney's inner west is fast becoming more trendy and suburbs closer to the city (ie: Balmain, Annandales, Drummoyne etc) are now out of a lot of peoples price range.<BR><BR>It is an area that would have a lot of young middle class families buying their first or second home, therefore there are parks and schools. But there is also an older population ( I think it once had a large Italian migrant population). The shopping centre has recently had a beautification project carried out and offer all the types of shops one would need (baker, grocer, newsagent and some cafes, takeaways etc). Most of the houses are pretty old but a lot have been renovated as well.<BR><BR>Can't say this suburb could be considered dangerous by any means. I don't think you'd be disappointed if you were looking for a bit of a community type suburb.<BR><BR>I did a bit of a web check but couldn't find anything specific (but if you go to you may find some helpful council information and info on sports and parks and schools etc.) also if you go to you can check out houses to rent or buy.

johhj_au Mar 3rd, 2003 03:35 PM

For accomodation try<BR>look for concord,north strathfield perhaps rhodes,srathfield,haberfield,mortlake,breakfast point <BR>concord is a nice middle class area.with parkland, parramatta river access etc. The amount of industry nearby has been significantly reduced in recent years.However still be a little wary of places close to the bushells factory. and stay away from parramatta road.

ann2 Mar 5th, 2003 05:04 AM

Thanks for the above replies. I have searched on domain and there are many rentals,however it is difficult to get a feel of the area etc. Are there walks eg like on the east or eg Manly to Spit in this area? Do any of the places have 'water views' or accessibility besides that more costly looks like golf club community? Johhj you mentioned to stay away from Parammatta Rd what about Burwood Road. - Are any of the areas better than another? Thanks in advance

ann2 Mar 10th, 2003 03:44 PM

No one got any more information for me? does no one know or go to this part of Sydney? I was looking at a map and was thinking maybe it would be better to go to Ryde side or even north to Epping but don;t know how long the commute would take.

Daneille Mar 10th, 2003 04:29 PM

Hi - I'm sorry nobody has responded to your second post. Unfortunately I do not live in Concord, Ryde or Epping - so could not say any area is better than the other. Burwood Rd, however, is a very busy thoroughfare and I would not live on that road for love or money. Off to the sidestreets would probably be ok. I have travelled on Burwood Rd and Paramatta Rd during peak hours and it is hellish - and no better on weekends.<BR><BR>Ryde and Epping are nice suburbs however travelling to and from the city could become a bugbear depending on traffic conditions (Sydney has probably some of the worst travel times in Australia) - an accident on the Harbour Bridge can back traffic up for hours everywhere (not just traffic coming over the bridge).<BR><BR>I moved to Sydney after living in Queensland and Melbourne and am still not used to the time it takes me to get anywhere (last night - wet - took me 45 minutes to travel the 5kms to my home. This morning to work - 5 minutes).<BR><BR>If you are working in Sydney city I would live as close in as you can afford. If you have children, bear in mind that inner city houses often have little or no backyards (maybe a courtyard), small living areas and often no parking.<BR><BR>Nobody can really tell you what is best for you - as there are so many variables - are you working in Sydney CBD, do you have children, will you have a car, do you like eating out regularly and going to pubs? But generally speaking - suburbs north of Sydney city are very good, as is east (East considered some of the most expensive real estate). South is not bad but often takes a while to travel by car. West (aside from suburbs considered inner west - of which Concord/Strathfield would probably be considered the boundary) are not the most desirable areas of Sydney.<BR><BR>Hope this helps a little.

johhj_au Mar 10th, 2003 08:22 PM

If you want to get more specific info it would help if you tell us more....are you working in concord? in the commercial area or near a railway station? you looking for a house or apartment? What sort of budget are you on? Will you have a car?

ann2 Mar 11th, 2003 03:57 AM

Single, working in the Concorde area near the hospital, would prefer to use public transport to and from work although I will probably have a car, like to take long walks for pleasure. Would like an apt that feels good to come home to - not a hole in the wall and would like to get something nice for not too much money as am on a budget. Thanks.

prue Mar 11th, 2003 01:29 PM

Ann,<BR>Please note that Concord is spelt without an 'e' - just in case it complicates things for you.

Daneille Mar 11th, 2003 04:00 PM

As a young single who likes walking perhaps you could try the Newington Estate in Homebush Bay. All brand new apartments and townhouses built around the olympic village. There are walking tracks and access to exercise facilities at Homebush (Olympic site). I know there is a public bus system that runs from there and it isn't far from Concord. It is a bit stark at the moment being a new estate but it looks alright. There is a bit of an infrastructure being developed - supermarket, coffeeshop etc. The site below that I found is for potential purchasers but there are always apartments available there to rent. <BR><BR><BR><BR>I'd check it out carefully though as it wouldn't be everyones idea as a great place to live. Purpose built as it is.

Daneille Mar 11th, 2003 04:06 PM

Hi - Just further to my last post I did a search on the suburb Newington (to rent) on and several properties came up (2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments) in the $A350 p.w. price range which is relatively good for Sydney - so have a look for yourself.

ann2 Mar 12th, 2003 03:57 AM

Thanks for all your input Daneille. Will keep you posted.

margo_oz Mar 15th, 2003 06:07 PM

Although Burwood Road is generally busy, there is little other than local traffic at the Concord end. I have a friend who lives there. There are also quite a lot of apartments just built in that area, and may be a good place for you. Many of them have water views as this part is in a peninsula. And I think you can walk around the bay to the hospiital, or near to there. I live on the next peninsula around. This is a good area.<BR><BR>I would try and live on the same side of the river as the hospital - and there are plenty of good places to choose from. If you want to email me: [email protected] - and let me know when you're coming, and your price range, I'll have a look in the local papers for you.

Daneille Mar 27th, 2003 02:55 PM

hi Ann2,<BR><BR>Just wondering how you were going?<BR>Have you made any decisions yet on accommodation?<BR><BR>Have you been to Australia before - if not you're in for a treat - especially in Sydney it's wonderful.<BR><BR>Today for example is 26C with clear blue skies. Perfect day for a lunch by the harbour. Damn shame I'm at work.

ann2 Mar 27th, 2003 03:42 PM

My plans are up in the air at this time but hope to firm things up soon then will start looking for a place again.

MrsG Mar 29th, 2003 02:38 AM

Hello Ann,<BR><BR>I live in Epping, just a few stops up the line from Concord West, which is the railway station that services Concord.<BR>There is an excellent train service from Concord to the city, a trip that takes about 15-20 minutes. There are also several different bus routes into town and the surrounding areas. Ryde to the hospital would take about 10-15 minutes by bus. Eastwood-Epping to Concord West station about 7 minutes by train, which would require taking a bus from the station to the hospital. I don't know how long that takes nor the frequency of service.<BR>As Concord is divided by both the north-south rail line and the main north-south arterial road link, where you choose to live is very much dependent on the side of Concord are you going to be working. As the hospital is on the eastern side, in all practicality, that is the side that would be more convenient for you unless you have a car.<BR>Forget the Newington area: it is mosquito hollow - landscaped out of existence to impress Olympic visitors, then the man-made ponds left to fend for themselves and breed mossies. It is on the western side of the Olympic site and consists of hundreds of upmarket concrete boxes. It is totally soulless, and its closest proximity to anything else worthy of note is the Silverwater Correctional Facility.<BR>To give you an idea of the rental market, my sons have recently rented a two-bedroom apartment on the eastern side of Concord West for A$220 per week. It is on the top floor of a three-storey block and is surrounded by a large and very well maintained lawn. The apartment is fully carpeted, has a balcony with just enough space for their gas barbecue, and has views over the Olympic site, across the river and out to the mountains. Concord West has a few shops including a greengrocer, a small general store, chemist shop (drug store), a liquor store and a post office. However the boys prefer the three-minute drive to shop in Concord village. It has, as was previously mentioned, all the essentials, plus some good restaurants with outdoor dining if the mood takes you. Actually, outdoor dining areas have proliferated since smoking was banned in Sydney restaurants.<BR>The Concord area is surrounded by excellent sporting facilities, all within reasonably close proximity to the hospital. There are tennis courts and public golf courses nearby. <BR>The boys often ride their bicycles or walk across to the Olympic Swimming Centre. (It's quite a long walk: better them and me.) The area is safe for walking and cycling. {Cycle helmets are required by law). If sailing or rowing are your passions, Concord is close to the river where there are several clubs for both sports.<BR>If you want to surf and have a car, just turn north onto Concord Road and stay on it until you reach the northern beaches which are a much more attractive proposition than Bondi.<BR>I drive from Epping into the city and home each day and have found that the state of the traffic depends on the time of day you're on the road.<BR>Unless one lives on the southern side of Parramatta Road there is no reason to go near it. Although I have driven it several times in peak hour traffic, it's no worse than any other main road in Sydney. In fact, not having transit lanes, it flows a lot better than most.<BR>I love Sydney, it's a great place to live. My husband and I (sound like the Queen)tend to treat it like tourists: on the weekend we go everywhere and try everything. You'd be surprised how much you learn about a city just by getting into a car and getting lost. <BR>The thing I like best about Concord is that it's close to my current favourite place, Haberfield, and the wonderful Italian delicacies of &quot;Pasticceria Papa&quot; - coffee and pastries to die for! <BR>Good luck with your research<BR>MrsG

alice13 Mar 29th, 2003 04:27 AM

Hi Ann - I live in Balmain and have a flat I want to let for 2 mths (maybe 3) starting 9 May. I'm a Brit who has been living here for 3 yrs now, going back on hols to see my family. It's only a studio (basically a bedsit but with own bathroom &amp; kitchen). I have a balcony and car space, and Balmain is a great place to live. MUCH more fun than Concord. I don't have a water view (hey - you pay a lot for them) but I am only 5 mins walk from the harbour. Balmain has lots of cafes, etc. and a community feel and is only 30 mins (usually less) from the city by bus. And has a ferry connex too. But from here to Concord by public transport is not easy - if you have a car then maybe my place would suit. And it is cheap!! <BR>pm me if you are interested.<BR><BR>And enjoy Oz.

margo_oz Mar 29th, 2003 11:44 AM

Ann2<BR>Another thing to consider is share accommodation - a room is a house in an area you'd like to live in. This'd also be another way to meet some people.

mick Apr 1st, 2003 10:55 PM

Hi Ann,<BR>my first serious girl friend (Julie) lived in Concord West which is just down the road from Concord Hospital. The hospital used to be run by the Dept of Veteran's Affairs I think or maybe there was a nursing home attached. Anyway, Julie's family lived in a wonderful middle class neighbourhood. I ate their most nights - funny about that and would often catch the mid night train down to Strathfield when I lived. If I missed the last train, I often walked along the main road and grab a pizza - never had a bit of trouble in six months either walking or on the train. I dare say crime may have increased but I liked the &quot;feel&quot; of the neighbourhood if you want somewhere quieter. <BR><BR>I also lived in Ryde for 3 years and walked everywhere from Macquarie Uni for lectures to North Ryde to work. Both about 40 minutes from a home I shared with two other guys. The area used to be market gardens and the backyard was 60m long - I used to practice my chipping for golf! Again, a great neighbourhood in general. You could also consider Eastwood as well which is between Concord and Epping.<BR>As someone else inferred, the train is an excellent way of getting around especially into the city.<BR><BR>Mick

ann2 May 5th, 2003 06:27 PM

My plans are once again progressing. I am hoping to be in Sydney by October. Does anyone know of an apartment/flat block which you would recommend in the vicinity of Concord hospital. I would even consider another suburb close by if I could use public transport conveniently. Mrs G thanks for the very informative post and also Prue for they smelling correction. Thanks

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