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pb_and_j Mar 19th, 2004 12:34 PM

3 weeks - Australia & NZ or just Australia?
I'm just beginning to think about my trip next June/July (2005).
I'm a very active traveler, but I know there are limits. I originally was thinking of doing 1 week NZ and 2 weeks Australia. For this I figure that I could see the South Island of NZ and Sydney and the Great Barrier reef areas of Australia. Maybe squeeze in one other area in Australia for 2-3 days.
But considering the time of year the trip will be should I drop NZ and spend the extra week in Australia? Will I be able to do the activities and sights in NZ or will the weather be a problem? Should I save NZ and hope I get back over here? (I have a HUGE list of places to get to....)

DropBear Mar 19th, 2004 12:56 PM

A Kiwi would be able to tell you about the weather in NZ in June/July (imagine it would be quite cold)but if you want to ski it would be a great time I would imagine. The again Sydney can turn the chills on that time of year also!

New Zealand and Australia are very, very different in scenery. I would do both and you then will get a feel for whether you want to return later for a more comprehensive trip to either or both places.

3 weeks would be plenty for the 3 destinations you mention if you plan what you want to do beforehand.

walkabout Mar 19th, 2004 09:14 PM

On my first trip to the South Pacific I spent three days in Fiji and 2-1/2 weeks weeks in Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, you can't see any of those places in depth in such a short period, but I had a great time nonetheless. I have been fortunate to return to Australia twice more.

I understand what you mean about hoping to get back to that part of the world because I, too, have a list of places I want to see, some for the first time and others for a return trip. For example, when I went to Italy I debated whether or not to go to Greece,too, but decided to save Greece for another trip. Well, I did get to Greece--but not until 11 years later. In retrospect I wish I had simply combined it with Italy.

Having traveled extensively over the past 20 years, I have learned to try to what I can when I can, and not count on being able to backtrack. If you are interested in seeing both Oz and NZ, then go for it and have a wonderful trip!

lizF Mar 20th, 2004 12:41 PM

If you do decide to do both countries then Sydney 4 days - Cairns, PD, the reef area and surrounds and then onto the South Island of NZ. It will be very, very cold in NZ, particularly the South Island but if you are into winter sports then it will be fantastic. If you wanted to add anything then you perhaps could add something enroute from Sydney to Cairns like, the Whitsundays or perhaps Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland for a look at something entirely different.

Eagle Mar 20th, 2004 09:56 PM

Hi, Suggest you do one or the other. We spent a month in NZ two years ago and it was not enough time. We jsut returned from spending a month in Australia and it definitely was not enough time. We went to Sydney, Blue and Snowy Mountains, Melbourne, Taszmania and GBR. Will have to plan a return trip to see the rest of Australia.

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