Yukuhashi, Fukuoka

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Yukuhashi, Fukuoka

I need any/all info on this perfecture (Fukuoka) of Japan. I will be on a Fulbright scholarship there in November and would love any info on weather, sightseeing, things to take, etc. I have found that there are two hotspots for internet there...McDonald's so from this, I am taking it to be quite secluded. Does anyone know what I should expect? I am so excited about this trip. Thanks much.
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I see that Yukuhashi is a small city (population 72,000) about 12 miles southeast of Kitakyushu and about 34 miles northeast of the city of Fukuoka.

It is on the JR Nippo Line. To get to Hakata (Fukuoka City) or to Beppu to the southeast on JR local lines costs the same: 1770Y each way. About 2 hours.

I would think that the city would be pretty quiet. Seems like life in Kyushu is a bit more laid back than in other parts of Japan, esp. Tokyo of course.

There are great hot springs in the general area (Kyushu), Beppu in particular. I don't know if there are any that are very close to Yukuhashi. Hashi means chopsticks, so there must be some meaning to the name of the city.

I was in Fukuoka city in November and the weather was excellent. Jacket was not necessary and it was sunny.

November is when the Kyushu Bassho is held in Fukuoka. That is the grand sumo tournament! You will hear all about it when you are there, for sure. Try to make it, if you can (acutally it is a must see, imo).

You can get a JR Kyushu rail pass for going around the island. There is a good bit to see, if you have a week. Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto, Sakurajima, Aso-san, Beppu. Fukuoka is a nice city to visit.
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We will get to stay with a Japanese family while in that perfecture. I have searched and only found two hotspots for internet...McDonald's. Would you expect the family to NOT have internet connections? I am only hoping for English speaking family or it will be a long night.

I am sure things will work out wonderfully, but I do like to be prepared.

About the weather in Fukuoka...I am taking a wool peacoat, just in case. Does the weather usually hold true to fairly warm and sunny or do you think it possible to be cold? I do appreciate your info.
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Hi Mycuppajava,
Try the following sites for more info -

General Info


The following is an information center for foreigners. You can call them (in English) or go in there and get information on almost anything.
Rainbow Plaza
Fukuoka City
+81 (0)92 733 2220

Hope that helps.
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Yes, definitely take your pea coat. I did wear a jacket, not a light one but also not a winter one.
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Hello, Mycuppajava.
I accidently found this website. It seems fun site.
Anyway, I actually live in the city you are just asking, Yukuhashi.
About the weather, it just started getting much chillier than before from this week. Daytime temparature is about around 20C=70F. Night and morning, cooler. So, it is not that really cold yet. Not very thick wool sweater, freese(spelling?!) jamper and some of long sleeve shirts would do. If you have a scarf maybe that keeps you warmer. If you are from warm country or area, you may feel cold, if you are coming from cold area, you may not. But I dont think you wear short pants though.. Gloves-not necesary yet, nit cap-not necesary yet.

About what we got here in Yukuhashi, actually it's not much to see.... But I am sure you can find something interesting in the town, even that is only a super market or 100yen shop. (if this is your first trip to Japan. If you had stayed at Tokyo or some other big cities, you might find it boreing.)I always enjoy things like that in abroad. We have mountain called HIRAODAI pretty close to Yukuhashi city.If you like hiking and nature, you will like it! There are limestone cave. I personally like it. Autumn is a very nice season to come to Japan. Also if you take train, you can go to Oita which famous for Onsen and other many things, Kokura=they have castel and you can do more shopping here than Yukuhashi and Fukuoka city=capital of Fukuoka Prfcture.
I hope you enjoy your stay! You will find things to do there.

Bon voyage!
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Luna, I hope I do get to meet you in Yukuhashi. That would cement the trip to Japan...to really meet someone there. I am so excited about all of the experiences that I will get to have. Thanks so much for posting.
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Hello, Mycuppajava.
It was very warm day in Fukuoka, it's even a little hot when you walk outside. I took of my Jeans jacket after I walked from office to the station on my way home!
So, when are you coming here to Yukuuhashi? Are you student?(high school?(unless no university exiting in Yukuhashi.) Will you have a host family to stay while you are here?
Unless I am not student anymore and I work during the day, I think it might hard to meet you. Where are you from anyway??
Unless I met many nice people when I stayed abroad, I hope I can help you even a little.
If you have other people staying with you in Yukuhashi, you may plan some trip with them even your host family does not have the time. (Even you are alone, it is totally safe walking around by yourself! Never worry about that!)
If you can approach to the JR Yukuhashi Station by walk, you can take a train to get many places.
Here is the web for foreigners about Kitakyushu city.
http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/kqkicks/main.html Here, you go to ATTRACTION, you can see the place to go for one day trip from Yukuhashi. Also, you can go to Hakata, even Oita where Onsen is famous for.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Rgds, Luna
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Seems like you've been to Beppu..I'm returning there for the first time in 60 years, next April..can you recommend any ryokans or hotels? Sorry for the hijack.(I was stationed there in 1946-48)
Stu T. ([email protected])
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Luna, I am in Yukuhashi now. Weather is great. No need to have brought the corduroys. Need maybe a light jacket but it is comfortable. It is soooo wonderful. People are great and so helpful. I know we are funny w/o fluency of their language. But...hey, everyone needs to have a chuckle. We have even smiled ourselves with our charades!
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Thought you might enjoy some things about Japan. Trip was excellent!
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