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crellston Dec 28th, 2016 04:32 AM

I think you are being overly generous to full service carriers, the basic premise of any airlines business plan is to maximise the time paying passengers are in the air. Building in slack would be anathema to most airline CEOs.

however, I would agree that they do have more leeway, simply becausethey are long haul flights and have greater opportunity to make time up which short haul carriers, which is the case here, do not. The greater frequency of flight of budget, short haul carriers, IMO, provides as many opportunities as threats, in that if there are delays or canclleations, there is a great probability of getting on the next flight.

Anyway, I suspect we are not going to agree on this. Let's hope the OP comes back to let us know what decision they make and how it works out.

Finally I think the OP was asking about carry on bags only. At least that is what I got from "Could we avoid having hold baggage with either?"

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