What to wear in India in January

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What to wear in India in January

Hi: I am taking a 15 day trip to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Rothambore, Varnassi in January. I know that January is winter in India but am perplexed about what sort of clothing to bring. How cold is it? How many mosquitoes will I encounter at this time of year? How much colder is the night than the day? Do I need anything that might be considered "dressy"?
Thank you,
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January is the coldest month. It's chilly to cold and can be very, very foggy. The night may be in the 30s (F) and the days in the 40s to 50s (F). Bring clothing for chilly weather, but for the daytime have a choice of jacket and/or sweater that can be taken off if needed. Indians think it's cold, you may just think it's a brisk fall day. Have a few different things of different weights to choose from.

You will see Indians bundled up in blankets and shawls. It's not that it's so cold, but they don't have the high-tech, light weight cold weather gear that we have in the US and Europe. Plus, since about 10 months out of the year it's warm to very hot, they don't invest much in winter wear.

For dressy, it depends on what all you will be doing. You can always bring a nicer sweater, scarf, or similar things that will instantly dress up a pair of pants.

Mosquitos are year round, but less in January. Since you will be covered more because of the cold, they won't get to you as easily. Have some repellant with you just in case you hit some warmer than expected weather. Not every mosquito carries disease, but it's a good practice to just try to avoid being bitten.
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Early morning game rides are very cold. We brought hats and gloves and warm clothes just for them.
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Where do you live? Cold is relative. We are from the west coast of Canada and were in India Jan/Feb 2010. I found just having a light jacket or sweater at night was fine. The locals would be bundled up but to them it was cold, to us it was just a little cooler than hot. We did not do the game drives so cant comment on that.
I wore short sleeves most of the time
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Thank You! I live in Manhattan where it is now about 28' but I think I'll throw my LLBean parka in just to be on the safe side!
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Bringing clothing which you can layer is ideal, as temps will go up and down during the day. It may be sunny and 75 F during the day in say Jaipur, and then 50F in the evening after the sun has set. Think mid to late October in NYC.

A shawl is a very useful item (you can buy many lovely ones in India, so you might want to wait until you arrive). A cotton or light wool sweater/twin set, and/or a wool blazer are useful as well. A lined windbreaker or safari jacket would be useful. A cotton turtleneck to layer under a sweater. The parka you mention may be welcome at Ranthambore but may be a bit much for the other places.

I would throw in a wool or other warm hat and a pair of gloves, for early mornings at the Taj and Varanasi. They take up no room and can come in quite handy. Bring thick, warm wool or cotton socks for the many places you have to remove shoes but still want your feet to be warm (and stay clean). Marble is quite cold (e.g., the Taj at sunrise).

For drives at Ranthambore, you may actually want to consider long underwear. The morning drives can be very cold as you will be in an open, moving jeep. Long underwear takes up no room in a suitcase. But perhaps the parka is enough, although harder to pack. Gloves and a hat at a minimum. The hotel will usually lend you blankets to take in the jeep if you want.

I would say everything is quite casual, the one exception might be if you went to a very nice restaurant in a 5 star hotel in Delhi or perhaps Jaipur. Otherwise the places on your itin are very casual. Even for a good restaurant, you could still wear trousers and a casual shirt, but the women around you may be dressed up in spangled saris and jewelry. So it’s up to you.

I never have an issue with mosqutoes in the winter months on the palces on your itin.
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Since you are in a open safari vehicle the wind chill factor adds to it, a wind breaker would help particularly in the early mornings & late evenings. In addition, a cap to cover the ears and light gloves are also recommended.
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Dear all
this year is very cold in rajasthan bcoz we had very good rain this year
ramesh meena
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Besides the hat & gloves, I would highly recommend a dust mask for the game rides.You know, the white surgical ones? It can be very dusty in winter. A long cotton scarf can also work as a mask or wind protection. You are not only in a "converitble", but and the seats are higher than normal.

Our hotel gave us hot water bottles for the morning rides. Once the sun came it it got pretty warm, so layers worked well.
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You will be visiting North India which sometimes becomes unpredictable during Winter with cold waves, chills and dense fogs. Temperature may go down to 5-10 degrees. Carry Jackets and Shawls for the nights and woolen wear for the day time, could add gloves also. Days can be pleasantly sunny and not hot. Mosquitoes!! Depends upon the places where you stay, no mosquitoes if it's a clean area.. and might be quiet a few if there are slums/drains/bushes nearby. Have a repellent in your room and let the windows be shut from in the evenings. Casual wear goes fine for most occasions (read trips to tourist spots, hangout etc). You could carry something classy for evening outings. Please avoid anything revealing as that could attract unwanted stuff. Also avoid venturing out in the late evenings alone. Have a nice trip!
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I gather that your travel is concentrated in the Northern part of India. Considering that January experiences maximum winters in India, it also provides for enough dresses too Overcoats, mufflers, gloves and warmers might be the thing for you. You can wear leather boots too. shawls, warm sweatshirts and woollen caps can make you look dressy and bright at the same time. In the evenings, you got to take special care as the chilly winds are slightly troublesome .In Varanasi, you may want to take a dip in the Ganges and hence, dont forget to take a hot water bath when you come back to your hotel. Keep a hand and body lotion and drinking ginger tea may help you get rid of common cold that you may happen to catch.

Have a nice trip!
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