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Hanuman Nov 21st, 2007 06:57 AM

Do bring your own from duty free or some where else. For your information here are some champagne prices(from wine shops) in Thailand.

Moet Chandon THB 3,600
Dom Perignon THB 9,500

Guenmai Nov 21st, 2007 08:16 AM

Thanks, Hanuman...that was what I clicked on to get the pink page. I was just looking for a map. Happy Travels!

Kathie Nov 21st, 2007 07:21 PM

As you can see from Hanuman's prices, champagne is expensive here. If I pay US$100 a bottle, I want something really special, not a Moet and Chandon...

If you aren't totally fried when you come through the airport from your international flight, you can buy from duty free on your way into the country. There is a good selection of nice champagnes at the airport for reasonable prices.

You can't bring liquids on the plane as a carry on, but you can pack it in your suitcase. I have done that from time to time, but each time I do it, I remember a friends's story of her husband bringing home several bottles from France in his suitcase. One exploded and it sent shards of glass through his suits and shirts. Virtually everything in the suitcase (except for the intact bottles) had to be thrown away.

heymo Nov 25th, 2007 04:55 AM

Wow- that's a little pricey for a bottle to toast New Years...maybe I'll go ahead and attempt to bring my own.
We've transported wine back from Italy and France, as well as rum from St. Croix and just a couple weeks ago wine from California. And every time I do I hold my breath that the very thing you spoke of Kathie will not happen. But so far-so good.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

KATHERINEMAEPARDEE Nov 25th, 2007 01:01 PM

We too will be in Thailand for the holidays and looking forward to all the fireworks.

Do any of them start early? I don't think I can stay awake until midnight.


lcuy Nov 25th, 2007 02:42 PM

The river ones start sharp at 12. Do like I do; take a nap after dinner!

heymo Nov 26th, 2007 03:35 AM

That's what I always do- even here!

glorialf Nov 26th, 2007 06:26 AM

Just so you know, the fireworks are fine but nothing extraordinary. If you are standing outside on the river it is fun because you are right there under them. But they probably only last about 10 minutes -- maybe 15 at most. It's not like 4th of July in NYC or DC.

Guenmai Nov 26th, 2007 07:02 AM

I agree with Glorialf. The fireworks are fine, but nothing extraordinary and they last 15 minutes. There are also fireworks going off to the north. I watch them all from my serviced apartment terrace. Happy Travels!

heymo Nov 26th, 2007 08:03 AM

So- what would you recommend that we do if we do not want to attend any of the "galas"...other than watching the fireworks?

Guenmai Nov 26th, 2007 11:50 AM

Just have dinner, take a stroll, watch the fireworks and that's it. And don't have to be dependent on transportation. Happy Travels!

heymo Nov 26th, 2007 12:50 PM

Sounds okay by me...we're not fussy about celebrating the New Year...I just wanted to make sure we were not missing something really cool!

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