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travelnmymind Dec 6th, 2010 12:16 AM

What to do in Taipei for 4 days with 6 kids ages 16-1
Hi! We are planning to go to Taipei on Dec 28- January 1. It is our first time here. The whole family is going (8 adults, 6 kids, 3 nannies). I'd like to know what are interesting places to go to that the kids will also love. Also, good restaurant recommendation please. I heard the Xiong xiao rd is one of the better streets to stay in for shopping. What's a good hotel there? Thanks!

thursdaysd Dec 6th, 2010 01:59 AM

Do you have the Lonely Planet guide book? There are several day trips from Taipei that are worth investigating. You might also find my recent TR helpful - click on my screen name, it's the East Asia one, Taipei is near the end.

travelnmymind Dec 7th, 2010 04:48 PM

Thanks! I actually read your trip report already :)

jgmc Dec 12th, 2010 11:01 AM

There are several nice hotels -- The Grand Hyatt near Taipei 101, a brand new Westin which should be having a soft opening right now, a Shangri-La (The Far Eastern), the Regent -- all should have pools (I'm not sure about the Westin) which will provide an activity for the kids.

If the weather is nice, you might try to go to Yehlihu, Jiu Fen and the Ju Ming Museum. All are outside of Taipei. Edison Tours will take you to at least the first two places. Yehliu is on the coast, with amazing rock formations. Jiu Fen is a tiny street that winds up a mountain. Lots of touristy shops (and tourists) but it is a fun walk and there is a genuinely nice old tea house at the top with good views. The Ju Ming Museum is a private museum dedicated to Taiwan's most famous artist. Most of his sculptures are enormous (think Henry Moore), so there are expansive grounds to stroll around, and a children's play area.

In Taipei, everyone goes to Taipei 101. The kids may not be that interested in the National Palace Museum, but it is an amazing place and the repository of China's imperial treasures. Not to be missed. Go at lunch when the crowds are smaller, but English tours are offered every day at 10 and 3.

The temples in Taipei are lively. The long Shan Temple is the oldest -- both Daoist and Buddhist.

There is lots of hiking in nearby Yangmingshan. The kids might like to see the fumaroles, sulfuric hot springs, that bubble up there. You can also take a soak in a hot spring -- most are located in nearby Beitou.

Your older kids would like to go to a night market -- there are many. Fun to stroll around.

Food everyone is good. Really good. I like Chili House for Szechuan. You'll be in town for beef noodle soup "season" -- a specialty dish in Taiwan. Yum. Look at the website Hungry Girl in Taipei for suggestions. For a delicious splurge, try Flavors for Swedish (honest!) food. The best.

We just moved from Taipei after five years. Lucky you to be visiting.

coxbox Dec 16th, 2011 05:21 PM

We just got back yesterday, you probably are already booked. But we stayed at the Fullerton South and it was very nice.. A business hotel. Shopping i was not impressed with.. We did the Dihua street.. All herbs,, not very pretty.. The National Palace mUseum was very nice. yes crowded...there is nowhere to eat close by other than the museum.. Tai pei 101 was interesting.. Tai Pai eye. which is a show at night was very fun. great for the kids. be sure to to get there early for interaction with the troupe. the temples were interesting. especially the older shops exhibit by Longshan.. eating. hmm. our favorite was a noodle bar with Beef noodle soup. (we had hosts that took us out and had banquets)

The MRT is so easy.. didnt do it at first.. we were there 9 days. days.. ask about anything else.. [email protected]

Jiufen was fun.. although really crappy touristy stuff. but still interesting.. and the night market..

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