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smitty Aug 28th, 2001 09:46 PM

What does dog taste like?
Is it like chicken?

sam Aug 29th, 2001 03:32 AM

The only comparison I can think of with a chicken is its brains and yours,

smitty Aug 29th, 2001 08:13 AM

Ooh Sam, you are so clever.

Les Aug 29th, 2001 03:21 PM

Our guide in Macao said it's a "hot" meat, not to be eaten in summer. From that, I surmise that it's definitely NOT like chicken.

aging gourmet Aug 30th, 2001 05:51 PM

During the war years (1941-44+) in Hawaii, I went to a luau and had what I thought was kalua pig baked in an underground oven (imu). I enjoyed it. Found out later that it was dog. Needless to say, I never went back to any of their luaus....

Hilary Aug 30th, 2001 09:01 PM

Dog meat taste delicious when cooked in rice wine and keeps the body warm especially in winters. Taste similar to rabbit. <BR> <BR>You should try it and share us your experience.

smitty Aug 30th, 2001 10:24 PM

I think not.

anonymous Sep 2nd, 2001 11:13 AM

In Beijing, dog is a specialty. I enjoyed it tremendously there. It is a dark meat, not a light meal. Served with onions and peppers, it is very tasty!

elba Sep 2nd, 2001 04:57 PM

To the people who have eaten dog while in the far east---what countries are you from? I'm curious.

Margaritaville Dan Sep 3rd, 2001 03:02 AM

HUH?!?! Hate to disagree with you Les, but here in Korea, it's mainly eaten in the Summer to boost one's energy. At least that's one of the reasons they eat it in the Summer. <BR>To me, tastes like mutton. Same texture and taste. <BR> <BR>Wastin' away again in Margaritaville <BR>Margaritaville Dan

Les Sep 3rd, 2001 01:13 PM

Dan, <BR>You're not disagreeing with me. I was merely passing along what our guide (a native of Macao) told us. I suppose different countries have different dining "etiquette" with respect to eating dog. However, her statement seems more logical to me, seeing that winter would be the time you'd want a "warm" meat to boost your energy.

sunny Sep 5th, 2001 07:15 AM

go to hanoi if you want to eat dog meat. it is available anywhere. in fact there is such a shortage of dog meat they have to source from the suburbs. dog meat is a delicacy and is expensive. eaten as a "heaty" food it can be eaten grilled, braised or fried. there is a stench tho so make sure you put lots of ginger. <BR> <BR>in singapore last year, 3 thai construction workers were charged under the "cruelty to animals" act. they were caught using a blow torch to grill a dog. it was still alive when they grilled it.

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