VERY small group tours to China


Jun 20th, 2002, 07:39 PM
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VERY small group tours to China

I have been researching about tours to China originating from Toronto Canada (where I live). I am finding that some of the travel agencies are telling me that they operate "flexible"tours, meaning the departure date is up to me to choose, and that the tour group has a minimum of two persons plus the tour guide. We will not be accompanied by a tour guide from Canada. Instead, we will be flying to Beijing(or other destination city) on our own first, and will be greeted by our tour guide there (and other different tour guides will be greeting/hosting us in the other cities we want to visit). Is this normal? Should I be concerned in any way about safety for myself and my family? How do I know whether the tour guide is taking us to the appropriate tourist attractions that are supposed to be on our itinerary? What if he/she changes his mind and doesn't take us somewhere? Who would we complain to? If we were to be part of a larger group of say, 10-20 other tourists, I would feel more at ease on the tour.

Any advice based on personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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Jun 24th, 2002, 06:49 AM
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i'm an american student living in china...i've lived here before as my opinion...that's not all that weird...i've traveled with personal tour guides like that before...with other foreign students of my opinion...the tour guide is a good china travel book...and read up on it...learn a few chinese phrases...and you should have no problems...china is very safe...and the people are very willing to help out...

if you have any questions or want specific suggestions,,,feel free to email me...
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