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Jul 22nd, 2009, 04:29 PM
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Up coming Trip

Hello from New Zealand,
as I don't post very often I thought it was about time I let you all know that I am about to embark on another trip back to Pattaya ( with Husband ) if you have read any of my ..........previous posts you will recall that I have holidayed there on several occasions.

We are definately not one of the 5* hotel tourists, rather the other end of the scale so.. ..! it may amuse you all when I tell you that we are staying in a room above one of the small bars. Really cheap! ! ! Yes all of 8000bht for a months stay, wonderful budgeting on my part ,HA! HA! > Are You shocked?????

Let me tell you about the room= It has ensuite, double bed, a/c, fridge, t/v, dv player, microwave, hotwater jug,& toaster. So what more do we need. We gave up on the hotels after our 6th trip, needed to adjust the budget a fraction when I gave up work so took a lookat alternative lodgings.

The guest house type of accomodation was just so cheap and the rooms seemed to have everything in them to make our stay comfortable so have been using that type of accomodation regularly. Many different places, as I seem to find something different each trip. WE are leaving 30th July, direct flight on Thai Airline.

I have been in constant contact ( via another forum) with a woman from Australia for the Last 2 years who I will finally meet in Person . She is travelling with her 71 year old mother and a Aunt so I will be showing them aroundthe cityd.
Definately not a action packed holiday rather a relaxing laid back one ( both 68) husband is still working so it's a nice break for him . Hope I haven't bored you all, I post and will let you know how it all went on our return.
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