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junkgalore Feb 25th, 2006 10:46 AM

Ubud hotels...anyone stayed at Kori Ubud?
We've narrowed down our choices for a hotel in Ubud to the following:
Alila, The Chedi Club, Kupu Kupu, Royal Pita Maha and the Kori Ubud.

They all look great from the pictures I can find on the internet but I was wondering if anyone has personally stayed in the luxury suite of the Kori Ubud (their packages are very inexpensive which makes me wonder why it's not more popular). Is it poor location/views/service?

The narrowed down choices are all within our budget and the amenities and pictures look great.
With that in mind, I'd appreciate your opinions on which one would offer great service and environment/location/views? A good restaurant on the property would be nice but not a must as it sounds like there are lots of fantastic places to try. Same with the spa.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

KimJapan Feb 25th, 2006 03:32 PM

I'd skip the Chedi club. I saw it while under construction, and it is off by itself away from town. While the scenery around it is lovely, the hotel itself looked just cold to me. Lots of concrete. Ground stripped bare for construction and no time yet for trees/plants to really grow so it seems to me it would be hot and desert-like.

Any of your other choices seem fine to me, though I might favor the Alila for a couple of reasons. One is Marmot's high regard for the place...but another is their offerings of cultural programs, walks and so on. That is the kind of thing that makes a stay in Bali truly special.

I wouldn't worry so much about prices being inexpensive now. With the lack of tourists, places are giving deep discounts to get customers I think.

welltraveledbrit Feb 25th, 2006 05:15 PM

I've just booked a last minute trip to Bali and we're loooking forward to revisiting Ubud.

We've had the same difficulty making up our minds on the hotels. I agree with Kim that rates are excellent and somewhat negaitable if you contact the hotels directly.

On a previous trip we stayed in the Alila and Ibah. I highly recommend Ibah which is really charming with a very interesting upscale local feel. It has a modern/Balinese sensibility without being too cold or in any way generic in that "lux" Asian hotel style.They have a Mandara spa with huge jacuzzi designed for one couple at a time.

The Alila has a fabulous pool and a very nice restaurant/lobby area. It has a very nice modern feel but I found the standard rooms fine but not spectacular though Marmot recommends the suites. I believe they have a very nice spa though I haven't used it myself. Architecturally I didn't like some of the heavy concrete massing in the walls and preferred a more local look...smaller villas etc.

This time I think we're going with Kupu Kupu- they have some wonderful packages on the website and the hotel has been refurbished recently. Royal Pita Maha gets great reviews and packages on are hard to beat.

I'll post a review when I get back after March 20th.

marmot Feb 25th, 2006 07:17 PM

junk, I've never heard of the Ubud Kori, but for sure, there are DOZENS of small resorts in the Ubud area and this one may just be charming. It takes very little overhead to build a few bungalows/villas but what separates the excellent from the dismal is service and maintenance which are hard to judge from a website. The location is in the cluster that's nearer to Ubud, also neither a good or bad thing, just a different ambience from the Ayung River valley.

I'd second what Kim said about the Chedi Club. This property was the private estate of an Indonesian millionaire and was taken over by GHM the same group that runs the Legian.

They have poured big bucks into the landscaping (which has matured) and public areas but they just didn't have much to work with. It's situated in the middle of a rice paddy thus no view to speak of. The atmosphere is enchanting at night but hot as blazes during the day. The villas are brick and although the furnishings are lovely, they're like little kilns.

On the plus side, the management is topnotch, the pool is beautiful, the food is good and they offer an extensive spa menu.

Wherever you stay, I'd strongly recommend that you go to the dinner + Kecak dance at the Chedi; it's one of the best that I've seen. The dancers emerge from the rice paddies with torches and perform in the semi-open restaurant. Really magical.

junkgalore Feb 26th, 2006 03:48 PM

Again, thanks for your helpful responses (I sincerely appreciate the feedback -- the information you all share is really priceless, especially for those of us not familiar with the location). I've been to Bali just once and had a lovely time but it was almost five years ago...I'm sure much has changed.

I think with all the advice in mind, we will either go with Alila or Kori.

Marmot, I emailed Alila and asked about suite 103 and they said it was available. Here is the description they emailed...does it sound like the suite you're referring to (or is there a room 103 and a suite 103)?

"The room #103 , is our Deluxe Room which is overlooking to our beautiful Pool View and of course it was nice and near to our lobby area."

They are charging $185 +21% tax per night. I couldn't find a 3 night package (those seem to offer the best value as they include tax, some sort of spa treatment etc). Does that sound about right?

And that dance/dinner show sounds great...I will include that in my travel folder so we remember!

Also, if anyone has stayed at the Kori recently -- I'd love to hear about your experience!

marmot Feb 26th, 2006 08:52 PM

junkalore, Yikes! I'm glad you questioned it. The correct room number for the Alila suite is 303. I apologize and hope that you don't retract all the nice things that you said about my advice. :)

junkgalore Mar 28th, 2006 09:32 AM

No, very helpful indeed! Anytime a fellow traveler can share free advice without hidden agenda -- I think it's worth more than any slick ad or website (although I do get sucked up in the websites).

So here's our dilemma...these properties all look great. Which would offer nice views (preferably of the river)?

*Alila (suite)
*Kupu Kupu Barong (villa w/plunge pool)
*Kori Ubud (Luxury suite)
*Kajane Mua (Beji villa)

Any thoughts? Seriously, I hope to just make a decision and book -- because the more websites I look at the more reviews I read -- the more confused I become.

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