Travelling solo


Jun 29th, 2002, 04:13 AM
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Travelling solo

I'm off to Hong Kong next week and have been assured it is as safe a city as exists. Eating seems such a social activity in Asia, so any tips on eating out in the evenings on my own? I'm there for 4 days then fly to Beijing to meet up with a friend.
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Jun 29th, 2002, 03:23 PM
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Let talk about it from low price range to high.
I do have a couple of favourite cheap Chinese places. But I don't remember the names. So in this catagory, I recommend Delifrance - a French fast food chain.
Any restaurant in Pacific Place in Admiralty (subway exit extends to its restaurant level) is excellect - US$20/person. You've got to try dim sum - Harbor Plaza Hotel has a ocean view Chinese restaurant. They have excellent dim sum for breakfast and lunch. The hotel also has a fancy bar call Pitstop. It is nice to sit outdoor on a sunny day. You don't find many of this kind of places in HK.
Hong Kong Hotel has a tiny (only a few tables - maybe 5)Chinese restaurant which is too good and too expensive (HK$500/person). Sheraton has an Indian restaurant like that too.
If you like night life, you've got to go to Felix - the top floor bar in the Peninsula (one of the best ocean view hotels) - you will never forget the experience. US$10/drink.
If you are there for a Friday night or a Saturday night, try Carnegie's - a bar in Wanchai. Go in after midnight. It is wild, people dance on the bar table. Of course, it is safe, and people are nice there.
You may want to go up to the peak. There are a lot of restaurants. But no food is that excellent for the high price. Definitely recommend you to take a bus to Stanley market. There are also different kinds of restaurants and bars.
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