Train in Theiland


Dec 2nd, 1999, 03:11 PM
Stefan Horvath
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Train in Theiland

Should I fly or take the train to Chiang Mai?
Same question for getting to Ko Samui.

How is the weather in October. I know it is the off season in Ko Samui. Does it rain every day? All day long, if it does?

It seems to need two air-lines to get to both places.

Thank you for an answer!
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Dec 3rd, 1999, 07:23 AM
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About train of fly to Chiang mai, it will depend on when you intend to travel, because i learned from local newspaper that many train tickets are sold out because both local and foreign tourists are afraid of y2k, although the airline and airport authority have announced that they are safe. The other reason is how many days your trip would be, because train to chiang mai or surat thani (for samui) will take you more than 12 hours, while it is about one hour to fly to both places.

Sorry that i cannot tell about the weather in samui in Oxt.

It is true that you will definitely need 2 airlines if you fly direct (non stop), but you can have one airline if you fly with one stop from bkk to CNchiang mai) and direct to samui on Bangkok airways, and to Surat thani then catch ferry service to Samui you will get one airline by THAI.

hope you would have a good time.
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Dec 10th, 1999, 09:50 AM
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We did both Koh Samui and Chaing Mai last summer, and flying is so cheap, fast, and easy, it is the only way to go in my opinion. The flight to CM on Thai Airways was cheap, under $100US round trip at the time, with frequent departures. The flight to Koh Samui on Bangkok Air was much more expensive and required advance booking due to crowds, but the train ride and ferry is such a long trip, it was definitely worth it. Take the train from BKK airport to Ayutthaya for a day trip if you are into history and want to get a feel for the trains. We were in a third class train for the hour's ride, which was fine but very hot and no way to spend 12 hours. I imagine they have better sleepers for the long haul.
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