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Tokyo Autumn Fantasy-Florence,Erica,Gayle


Sep 25th, 2000, 11:46 PM
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Tokyo Autumn Fantasy-Florence,Erica,Gayle

This is my first visit to Tokyo and l'm very excited.
My aim of going Tokyo is to see the beautiful autumn colours(Momijigari)and l
understand that the exact time is different every year depending on the amount
of rainfall,sunshine, temperature and how hot the summer is.l know that autumn
foliage colours
start from Hokkaido in September and moves southwards reaching Tokyo in
l just read a magazine that says autumn will reach Tokyo THIS year in late
November(change to yellow colour on 26th November,change to red on 2nd
December).This means my original planned arrival on 10th to 16th November may be too early.
On the other hand,if l come on 26th November,l'm worried that it may be too late

and the maple leaves have all dropped off!

1)When did the autumn colours in Tokyo change last year in 1999?
2)Do the beautiful colours stay only for a few days or stay for 2 weeks?
3)This website shows the autumn colours frontline: a)
b) www.wline.co.jp
but l can't read Japanese.l would be grateful if you could check the website
and advise me on when is the best time/date
to go TOKYO THIS YEAR to see the autumn colours at their peak where it is most
4)Could you check with the relevant autumn foliage colour Authority/Organisation

or the Tokyo tourist board/tourist
information centre regarding the best date for Momijigari this year.l can
change my date if 10th to 16th November
is not the best time.

l can only stay in Tokyo for 6 days and wish to go at the peak of the beautiful
autumn colours.
l appreciate if you can check out and let me know the best date.
Thank you very much and have a nice day
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Sep 26th, 2000, 05:47 AM
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I'm not in Japan now (and I wish I was), but an enquiry with my Japanese friends in Geneva brought the following results: summer has been extremely hot so they expect autumn foliage in early november already. Mid-November should therefore be OK. Sorry I couldn't come with anything more precise.
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Sep 26th, 2000, 07:22 AM
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I can not say which is going to be better, the 10th or the 16th. I looked at those websites too, and could not find exact dates. I am not sure where you are, but the weather in Tokyo often mirrors Philadelphia, PA. My wedding was on the 13th of Nov in Philly last year and we still had leaves on the trees, even though there were no leaves left here in Ohio! Japan really does stay warmer longer than the US, so you still might be able to see leaves as late as the 16th, but I am not sure. Sorry I could not be of more help!
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