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kidsiberia Dec 12th, 2018 05:05 AM

To South Korea as a volunteer
Hello, guys, :)

I am interested in moving to South Korea for a month (or so) as a volunteer. It is not about some organisation, it is about single volunteering at a hostel where I am supposed to work for food and accommodation.

So, the question is, if I go to the country as a single volunteer (not a member of a volunteering organisation), would it be legal? Do I need a specific visa for this? Or, the usual touristic visa would be enough?

What should I say to an officer (the person who checks arriving people) at the airport in this case?

Any help or advice would be very appreciated!

crellston Dec 12th, 2018 08:59 PM

Firstly it is not volunteering. You are working, albeit for food and accommodation, but it is still working. You will almost certainly require a visa but you need to check with the appropriate authority. I could be wrong, but i suspect you are unlikely to find any experts on South Korean immigration or employment law, here or on any other travel forum.

I think it is safe to say that best course of action when enetering any country is to answer any questions truthfully. If you have th correct documentation, you won’t have a problem, if not you are likely to be refused entry.

I am sure many do lie and get away with it. Some do not!

kidsiberia Dec 12th, 2018 10:19 PM

crellston, thank you very much for the helpful answer!

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