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Old Nov 7th, 1998, 09:11 PM
Tye Hartall
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One of the many draws to Thailand is the beautiful women. They can be gentle, slim, uncomplicated, fun loving as well as overtly sexy. With their exotic brown skin, almond eyes, and stunning smile, it's not hard to see why some many men visiting Thailand completely lose their good sense and fall head-over-heels in love with them. But beware, because behind the vast majority of those smiles that Thailand is so famous for, lurks a greedy heart that is setting a trap for the foreigner with the sole purpose of taking him to the cleaners.

With the exception of the few well-educated and other cognitive elite the majority of the population is dirt poor. Jobs pay next to nothing. The women are well aware that foreigners are usually cash-rich and they use their charm to get their share of the pie.
Many have families and their own children that they must send money home to monthly. They will stop at nothing to attain money. Many a foreigner as well as expats have lost their life savings, their home and vehicle to the one they thought was the girl of their dreams.

Other listing in this forum have mentioned the greed of the Thai people. It is very true. In just 30 short years, commercialism has replaced the Buddhist innocence once displayed by the Thai people. Now it's all money. People who stay in resorts, seldom
see beyond the smiles. But for those of us who live in Thailand and others who spend
longer than the obligatory 2 weeks here, we are well aware of the ugly truth that is so hidden to the tourist.

The travel writer Pico Iyer wrote: "50% of the women are pros and 50% of the men are cons. True statement but his percentages are too low. Don't let this be a deterrent to your plans to visit Thailand, as it is a wonderful country but proceed with caution
Old Dec 22nd, 1998, 03:50 PM
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You are a schmuck. I have been to Thailand three times. Sure the majority of the women in the resorts are pros, but as far as people (westerners) losing their life savings on a pro, I find it hard to believe. In fact if it is true then so be it. That person who succumbs is loser as well as deserves it. You and all the other posters on this site protray a horrible picture of the Thail people. I have never seen this. A pro is a pro in every country everywhere. I spent numerous good times in pro bars, never succumbing, but still had a great time with the nice people.
Old Dec 23rd, 1998, 01:30 PM
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??? I have to wonder at the motivation for the original posting. The other side of this story is the immoral intent of those that end up in this type of situation. As per postings throughout this forum I would suggest that a visitor to Thailand "be aware" rather the "beware".
Old May 27th, 1999, 01:33 PM
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We were in Thailand 4 years ago. If Mr. Hartalls comment ("In just 30 short years, commercialism has replaced the
Buddhist innocence once displayed by the Thai people.") is anywhere near the truth, they must have been fantastic 30 years ago, because we found them to be warm, friendly, and generally extremely pleasant to be around as "late" as 1995.

Of course, travelling with my wife (and even travelling alone) I was not exposed to the element of the population to which Mr. Haryall refers, but I would suspect that the experience would be similar in almost any country.

Even given that the current economic slump might elicit more avarice in dealing with tourists, I wouldn't hesitate to return to Thailand, more because of the people than in spite of them.
Old May 29th, 1999, 02:21 PM
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Mr. Tye Hartall

I don't wonder why you came to Thailand and work there from the first sentence. As I'm Thai, if you think that most of Thai women try to trap foreigners for money, why don't you sit your ass at home and stay with your damn family!!!!

As the word said "with the exception of few well-educated women......", although our country might has a munber of poor people more than in your wealth country, it doesn't mean Thai women all want to catch some rich-westerners.

Keep your dirty mind and your dirt attitudes away form this board. Also you should go back to your contry, you're not welcome to Thailand!!!!!

Old Jun 7th, 1999, 01:40 AM
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Tye is part right I suppose. His description of the women here is correct, however most of the 40+, unlucky in love, large gutted men are likely to be in the company of a certain type of woman. Given his obvious social circle, Tye is correct in saying “proceed with caution” as the only value most of these men provide Thailand is perpetuation of the careers of the ‘pro’ women. This ultimately leads to greed he is referring to. There are, however, many other social circles to choose from in Thailand.

As for Taan’s response, I can understand your anger, but responses like that only make Thai people appear more ignorant.

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