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LanaB Jan 8th, 2005 05:47 AM

Thailand's trip next week
Yikes, the trip we've planned and waited for so long is upon us. We shall arrive in Chiang Rai and stay up north till Jan.25 then
we had booked flights long ago thru asia air to fly to Phuket till Feb.2.
Of course our planned stay in Phi Phi is cancelled and we're not so sure what to do about the 8 days we wanted on the beach.
Because we've paid for our flight and 4 nights rooms that we'd lose funds so we're considering still flying to Phuket and see what it's like. If we decide to move area's what's the best way to travel to another beach area from Phuket? Will it be hard to find rooms in another area?
Thanks in advance!

cruisinred Jan 8th, 2005 06:26 AM

You could fly from Phuket to Koh Samui on BangkokAir, if you decide you want to go to another beach area not effected by the tsunami.

Have a great trip

JamesA Jan 8th, 2005 09:00 AM

Tell me your Phuket hotel and I will find an update for you. Also advise how you planned to spend your time and I can tell you what is up and running ok.

LanaB Jan 8th, 2005 01:45 PM

Thanks James, you're so kind.
We are to fly to Phuket and stay at the Coconut Village on Patong for 3 nights. This has been paid thru Precision (I've emailed them numerous times but no word if we can transfer)
Origianlly we wanted to just sightsee and go on John Gray Sea Canoes, June Bahtra JunkBoat trip see Circle Solea and enjoy the water etc. Then after returning from Phi Phi we booked into the Kata Thani Resort (2 nights) and have paid for 1 night (Jan.31) thru sawadee. They said that no refunds or changes. We hope that if we do go they may allow us to spend the 1 night earlier so we may leave if we don't feel like staying. We wondered about helping out if there was a school that needed building on or something of that nature.
James so you know if there would be a bus easily taken to another beach area on the east coast? I looked into Bangkok Air and it's too costly for us to fly. We've already paid for our return to Bangkok from Phuket thru Asia Air -- they may allow us to change our return flight go earlier then travel to Hua Hin?? Or is it so busy and hard to find rooms? We are land locked cold Canadians that were hoping to enjoy some time near the water, but are flexible in these difficult times.
Thanks again.

JamesA Jan 8th, 2005 08:25 PM

Here is John Gray Phuket webpage, I am sure you can email and check that most trips operating as normal or close to it:

According to the Sawadee list Cocunut Village is fully operational, the Kata Thani suffered minor damage but is fully open and operating.

Phuket Simon Show is open as normal but I don't know about Phuket Fantasea which is at Kamala. There has been a huge cleanup operation going on in Patong, the waves only went 'so far' inland so those places firectly opposite the beach took the full force.
Patong is reached from the north and south over steep hills which also form a 'backing' to the area, so once back from the seafront area those buildings and hotels back from there were not affacted at all. Restaurants and shops apart from those right at the front are open. This clean up has been done in last 2 weeks and there is still another 3 weeks until you arrive. The Patong people need you there! Apart from Patong and Kamala Beaches the others were not too badly affected. If you read about Khao Lak remember it is not on Phuket at all, several hours north of the island along the west coast.

If for any reason you choose to leave earlier there are VIP buses that have 1 x 2 ( 3 across ) seating from Phuket Town that travel East and then up towards Bangkok, the fare is about USD20 and quite comfortable, a/c etc. If you choose to stop in Hua Hin you have to tell them as only some of the buses pass thru Hua Hin. Although very busy you 'should' find accommodation in Hua Hin and the nearby beach areas ok as lots of guesthouses, apartments etc available for visitors. From there back to Bangkok Express a/c buses are every 40 minutes, takes 3 hrs, costs $4.50 (U.S)

Tip: I have mentioned this before on another post..In Buddhism there is a time for Grief but this is follwed by a time for life. You do not need to feel as if you need to act sorrowful or sad, it is taken 'as said'. I have sadly over the years had to attend several funerals and it is quite different from the western style of things. Sure, there is grief, but once it is past it is considored that the right things has been done and life returns immediately to normal. There is no long term grief as such. You will be welcomed with smiles and you are doing more good than you realise by going as this is the lifeblood of not only those affected communities but the majority of workers come from other provinces and they send money home every month. I would give that extra tip and broader smile, it 'will' be appreciated.

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