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Jay Oct 22nd, 2000 01:20 PM

Thailand Info please........
Four guys(25-35) going to Thailand - any info on "must do's" - which isles, cities, activities??? <BR> <BR>Where does all the fun take place - what hotel would be the best to stay in - are reservations needed?? <BR> <BR>Realistically- how much do things cost in Thailand - Hotel-Food-Alcohol-clothes-(the basics!!) <BR> <BR>Any info would be much appreciated - PLEASE reply ASAP as we are leaving next week for 3 1/2 weeks..........Thanks in advance, i hope i can pass info on to other people upon my return!!!

Lee Oct 23rd, 2000 09:01 AM

Fellas, <BR>I went to Thailand in March 99, with two of my mates from uni, you MUST go to the North/Northeast (Nong Khai) <BR>It was brilliant, chilling out by the river etc. <BR>Bangkok is a Hell hole!! <BR>If you must stay there for a few nights, stay at the Asia, near Siam Square. <BR>If you want more info, e-mail me! <BR>When and where are you thinking on going? <BR> <BR>Lee

lynn Oct 23rd, 2000 06:30 PM

..... <BR> <BR>BKK is not a hell hole... <BR> <BR>Lynn <BR> <BR>:-)

harzer Oct 24th, 2000 05:32 AM

The website with all the information you guys need for Thailand is: <BR> <BR>&lt;; <BR> <BR>Enjoy!

Jim Oct 24th, 2000 07:30 AM

I'll let you know if it's a "hell hole" after this weekend, but, I doubt it. I'm sure it's not squeaky clean like Singapore, but then, that's part of the adventure. Now, Manila on the other hand....

Margie Oct 25th, 2000 07:39 PM

Bangkok is far from a "hell hole". It is a city among cities. It is amazing to be in downtown Bangkok and just look around in amazement at the traffic, people, sights and sounds.I have traveled around the world, and Thailand was wonderful The culture, people and Buddist Temples were unforgetable. <BR>Like any thing, if you look for the worst in a place you can find it, but <BR>when you travel you need to leave your standards and values at home!

zae Oct 26th, 2000 02:44 PM

Hey Dudes, <BR> <BR>If I were a guy in my late 20s/early 30s, I wouldn't miss Pattaya, Thailand's infamous "City of Sin" (see "Beggar Goddess" travelogue on my Thailand travel page at and Koh Phang-Nga on a full moon. We're talking P-A-R-T-Y replete with magic mushroom smoothies. <BR> <BR>But all's not completely carefree in Paradise Found. Watch your backs for International Police who rumordedly stuff their files with polaroid snap-shots of unsuspecting party-goers. <BR> <BR>Sawasdee, <BR> <BR>zae

zae Oct 27th, 2000 06:34 AM

Errr. . . <BR> <BR>'Made a mistake on that web site info. . . it's <BR> <BR>Hehehehe. . . that'll do it. Check out the "Beggar Goddess" travelogue on the Thai travel pages. <BR> <BR>Sawasdee, <BR> <BR>zae

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