Thailand free 30 day visa

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Thailand free 30 day visa

First time posting here. I couldn't find a definite answer so I was hoping someone could confirm what I'm thinking.

I'm Canadian and will be traveling to Thailand for approximately 30 days (flying in and out of Bangkok). My plan is to do 14/15 days in Thailand, 14/15 days in Cambodia, then head back to Bangkok to fly out. I plan to get a free 30 day visa upon arrival. Will that be extended at all when I cross to Cambodia then come back? Or will the 30 days include the Cambodia excursion. I'm assuming they grant the visa based on your return flight date.

I guess I'm wondering if I have to pay anything if I go for say, 32 or 33 days, instead of 30 days if I'll be spending 2 weeks in Cambodia during that time.

I hope this is clear!

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You actually get visa-free entry into Thailand for 28 days. When you cross into Cambodia, then return to Thailand you will get another 28 days of visa-free entry to Thailand.

Enjoy your trip!
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You will be fine with your trip. Your visits will be treated as two separate trips.

You need at least 6 months validity remaining on the passport and a confirmed airline ticket out of Thailand ( or proof of leaving within 30 days) and do not need a visa for visiting Thailand up to 30 days for tourism purposes. On your return you will get the same again but note that you will only get 15 days if entering by a land border - time consuming but fun!

If you overstay (like I did, after adding up the days incorrectly! Expect a fine of 500baht per day. If you did this several times a year like some expats that want to live there without going through the proper immigration process then you could run into problems.

Kathie. Not sure where you get 28 days from but it has been 30 days for several years now.
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crellston, you are right. It was a lot of years ago that it was 28 days. Thanks for the correction.
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Thought they had changed it - again!
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Technically to get the free 30 day Visa Exemption stamp at a Thai airport you are supposed to have "Proof of Onward Travel" within 30 days. This usually means a flight out of Thailand before the 30 days is up.

Are you flying to Cambodia or did you plan on going overland?

Sometimes this requirement is enforced at first departure airport and sometimes not. Finding out at the airport the airline won't board you without a flight out within 30 days could spoil your day!

Google search "proof of onward travel Thailand" for details.

Will the final time back in Bangkok still be within 30 days? A few nights in Bangkok just before flying home will allow you to do last minute shopping, etc. Maybe buy the big or heavy tourist junk at that time instead of at the beginning.

Good luck.
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I was planning on taking the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. I have my flight to Bangkok booked but not the return flight yet. I'm still deciding but my options are:

1) Fly back from Phnom Penh
2) Get the bus back to Thailand a day or two before my flight and fly back from Bangkok

Both options will be ~35 days after I arrive. So for option 2 my final time back in Bangkok won't be within the 30 days.

If I go with option 1, will a plane ticket from Cambodia be enough? I guess I can book a bus ticket before I leave but I was planning on doing that once I got to Chiang Mai and deciding how long I wanted to stay there.

Google results are mixed. No actual horror stories of getting turned away but plenty of "I've heard of..."
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To clarify. Each entry to Thailand will be treated as a completely separate trip. You will get a new 30 day visa for your second arrival by air or 15 days by land. As long as your departure is within those periods you will be ok. The fact that your final departure is 35 days after your original arrival has no relevance.

The "proof of onward travel" is a separate issue. If you have an air ticket out of PP back home then that should satisfy the requirements. In many, many flights in and out of Thailand I have never been asked to provide such proof.

Unless you are on a long open ended trip around Asia I am not sure whey you would leave booking you home bound flight until the last minute.
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Well I'm living in Japan and flying back to Tokyo. Not flying back to Canada so I can afford to wait and be flexible. There's not too much difference in the prices dates from PP or Bangkok. I guess it's an "open ended trip around Asia" as you said
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if you are Canadian, you do not need a visa for visiting Thailand up to 30 days for tourism purposes. You just get a stamp.
On leaving the kingdom that stamp is cancelled.
On re-entering you get another stamp - check with the Thai embassy but i think you get 15 days on re-entering by land. (30 by air)

there is now a limit on how many times you can enter the kingdom in one year........whether that is a 12 month period or a definite year, I don't know.

Either way it looks as if you won't have any problems as you won't be overstaying on either entry.
it is usually the airline who insists on proof of onward travel, as it is they who have to fly you back!
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