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Seoul-Info on Dong Dae Moon Markets and early morning sightseeing.

Seoul-Info on Dong Dae Moon Markets and early morning sightseeing.

May 29th, 2009, 10:23 AM
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Seoul-Info on Dong Dae Moon Markets and early morning sightseeing.

Hi Everyone,
I am going to London in November with KAL airlines and will have one night in Seoul, arriving at 5.40 pm and departing next day at 1.10pm.

I am not sure where I will be staying as the airline provides the hotel. I wonder whether I will have enough time to see anything. I am keen to go the 24 hour Dong Dae Moon Night Market and wonder if I will have any problems getting around as a single woman speaking no Korean especially as I doubt I will know where the hotel will be until I arrive.

I would also love to see something of the city, perhaps some museum,art gallery or garden in the morning, if I am not too jet lagged to get up very early. The KAL website says check in is 40 minutes before departure but that seems to be cutting it a bit fine and I also assume transfers will be includes from the hotel. So I figure I may have from about 7am to 11am? I realise that without knowing where I will be, you can only give me limited information but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks very much-Kerry.
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May 29th, 2009, 12:28 PM
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In my experience, based on my visit in 2007, few taxi drivers speak English, so you might ask someone to jot down your destination just to be safe. They will all know that market, of course. Another option is to spend a few hours at the Dragon Hill or other spa. Highly recommended for the adventurous.

If you would like to read my trip report, ( I am a single woman, too) you will find Seoul at the beginning and at the end of the report--I visited twice, on my way to, and after my visit to, China.

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May 31st, 2009, 05:40 AM
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thanks so much,Ekscrunchy. Good info and loved your trip report!
Did you shop at the airport? I am after little inexpensive gifts for family/friends in London and I believe the airport is excellent with a supermarket underneath.I know airports are generally expensive but just in case I can't shop anywhere else while I am there I may check it out-thanks again.Kerry
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May 31st, 2009, 08:32 AM
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You know I never knew there was a supermarket there! I have to check it out next time I pass through, next winter. Where did you get this info?

There are a lot of designer-type shops at the airport. I really did not see anything too interesting, though. The alcohol is heavily oriented towards "brown" liquors--lots of cognacs that range into the thousands of dollars in fancy decanters, etc. Also Korean food items.

You will find things to buy at the DDM market--they are very big into fake designer handbags, etc. I even bought some silly socks with LV emblems on them at a street stall.

The nice area for art/craft type gifts is Insadong, but prices are not at all inexpensive for the nice stuff.

There are also some second-hand shops selling designer stuff from last year (goods must be THIS year to be in fashion there!)
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May 31st, 2009, 09:33 AM
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Hi Kerry,
Incheon airport is not in Seoul. As I recall it was a 30-40 minute limo bus ride from the airport to Seoul. There are lots of hotels right next to the airport so it seems like that would be where the airline will put you up. Can you check with the airline and ask if the hotel is in Incheon or Seoul? If it is in Incheon I wouldn't try going all the way to Seoul with that short a time period and no knowledge of the city. I think I would worry too much about the time to enjoy myself.

I am not familiar with Incheon but I am sure there are shopping areas and some sightseeing areas that would be a short cab ride from the airport. Lots of people speak some English in Seoul but we also ran into many who didn't speak any English at all. We were fortunate to have my son with us and he speaks Korean. I would feel safe going to the types of areas that you mention by myself.

I wasn't aware that there was a supermarket at the airport either!

If you are staying in Incheon and decide to hang out there, post another question about Incheon. I know Hester (sorry, I don't remember your real name!)here is another mom who has a son living in Korea and I believe he was going to be living in Incheon this year and I think she was going to visit hime there.

Have a great trip!
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May 31st, 2009, 11:13 AM
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thanks again Ekscrunchy.Looks like the supermarket is in the basement. See below.
"Shopping: Four companies operate over 40 duty-free shops at the airport. There is a supermarket in the basement area."

And thanks to you, Mary2go. I think you may be right about staying in the Incheon area so I looked up 'Shopping in Incheon' and found this-Hope it's true!
"Shopping in Incheon starts from its airport. Incheon is more like a shopping mall where airliners happen to stop."

I would love to go into Seoul but will make that another trip one day.Kerry
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Jun 1st, 2009, 02:55 AM
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Well I am sorry you will not get to Seoul but glad that we (you) discovered that there is a supermarket. If it is anything like the large ones in Seoul, it will be something to see. And Incheon will surely have some good shopping.. But I did not find hordes of bargains in Korea, so do not expect that much. Better to be surprised rather than disappointed. .

I am not sure I would go as far as describing the airport as a large shopping mall! But it is a beautiful, impressive airport and there is a lot of shopping. Again, as I remember, heavily weighted towards designer "name" shops. They also have spas with massage, etc.
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Jun 1st, 2009, 04:37 PM
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From what I hear Incheon has a great little China town. If you visit this website, they have things to do in Incheon http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto.
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Jun 2nd, 2009, 06:41 AM
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It looks like you have made your decision - I want to add that leaving the Incheon area would be a mistake. Traffic getting into downtown Seoul (where the good markets are located) can be very unpredictable. Add that to not knowing where you are going.. could be a mess. The Seoul Airport is very nice, but very sterile with upscale shops mostly for duty free. Efficient, but not the best for buying "Asian" style gifts for friends. They do sell some food items, but I never saw anything that was appealing in the small gift sense. My teens bought numerous "phone charms" for their friends in England as these are very popular in Europe. They are cheap and cute as well.. I would be very careful about venturing out of the airport if you only have 4 -5 hours. Security can take a while. Good Luck and have fun. If you do get a chance to go back, my favorite market is the Damdemun market near the Shinsegae Department store downton Seoul, near City Hall. It is amazing and you can brose the Shinsegae Food Market as well..
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Jun 2nd, 2009, 07:48 AM
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thanks again everyone. I will love chinatown!
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