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nikosk Feb 14th, 2017 12:06 AM

Seeing the real Maldives, solo, independently, low(er …) budget?
Hi to all!
I already know that 'low budget' and Maldives don't fit well together, but anyway, I try to figure out if it is possible to see the real people and life of Maldives, not just hotel and agency staff…
Obviously I'll fly into Male airport, and probably around that atoll I could take a glimpse of local city life, though not the real thing, and then would go around for about 2 weeks (solo independently).
Could you suggest any ideas of where to go, tips how to do it at low budget costs as possible?
Low could be 50-70 $/euro, per day?
Probably it has to be relatively near Male, and connected with public boats, so to avoid expensive boat transfers or flights.
Walking around these places, taking photos, is the most interesting for me, swimming also, trying a lot of local food, a bit of snorkelling will be nice,
though, not a fun of diving, or water sports.
I read that Maafushi is a relatively easily accessible island, a bit cheaper, perhaps are there easy connections with other nearby islands, to spend a few nights here and there?
I guess that won’t be possible to book on the spot, I should search and book most arrangements in advance…
The government doesn’t allow foreigners to go freely everywhere, so if you could point me to the right directions, I’ll focus my search to those places.
Obviously Maldives is not just the resorts (although many see just that), and Maldivians are not only receptionists, waiters etc…
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions, to see if / how I could do this trip!

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