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Hanuman Nov 18th, 2009 06:01 AM

For your viewing pleasure, for 12 hours only, here........'s Andy:

Smeagol Nov 18th, 2009 06:32 AM

That is VERY funny, thanks for posting Hanuman.

simpsonc510 Nov 18th, 2009 07:17 AM

Thanks for that, Pook. I saw it "live" at the GTG in BOS. It's great to see our panda on youtube!

Sounds like a great time. Anxious to hear about the dental appt at Bumrungrad. Hope K was pleased w/the results.

Enjoy Krabi!


Craig Nov 18th, 2009 07:21 AM

Muscle dance, yes. Macho, no. Unfortunately, Andy never gets embarrassed ;).

cruisinred Nov 18th, 2009 08:07 AM

Glad that was caught on video for the world...or at least the Asia Fodorites to see!

kuranosuke Nov 18th, 2009 08:12 AM

thnak pook and andy. great show. i knew attorneys could muscle their way around. lol.

bookchick Nov 18th, 2009 05:40 PM

Gpanda, I have news that I hope will cheer you up and make you feel a bit better, if not all better. Today the San Diego zoo named their panda bear! The 104-day old panda is now known as Yun Zi, which means "Son of Cloud". As a present, I sent the Yun Zi a deck of playing cards. Rumor is as soon as he is old enough, he will attend law school.


rhkkmk Nov 18th, 2009 07:06 PM

off to krabi this noon...
weather yesterday was the best we have ever experienced...
harminique was fabulous last nit: combo appetizer platter; pomello salad; yellow crab curry; chicken and cashews; fried morning glories (the best in the city); rice; and a couple of more items..

karen ended up with only a dental consult as the proceedure would take 6 visits and we did notn have time... interestingly the proceedure would have only been $400 cheaper than in USA... about 40,000 B-- remove crown--clean up area--new crown...

the stir i created with the GM at the italian rest the other nite is well everyone knows my name and bends over backwards to please me... really embarrasing...

andy still not feeling well... i think he is fine--just looking for sympathy...

we've had a jam packed 4 days, so now we can begin to relax more..

looking forward to relaxing at the sheraton krabi...

M off to SR this afternoon..

will write a more organized review while awaiting our plane this PM

simpsonc510 Nov 19th, 2009 06:15 AM

Glad to hear that the weather is so nice. I hope it will be that way in Dec/Jan as well.

I rather thought that the dental thing would require more than one appointment! Hope K is able to cope until she can get her tooth all fixed up back at home.


Gpanda Nov 19th, 2009 05:09 PM

Thanks for all the good wishes. Souinds like Jeane and MaryA had something similar. Just glad there's no fever component. Here at the Sheraton Krabi, hoping to bake myself well.

Why would I ever be embarassed? All I ever do is exactly what is expected from a panda. The world-famous muscle trick has always gotten a smile. Everywhere.

tengohambre Nov 19th, 2009 07:36 PM

We want Panda back. Bring back the old Panda!

Does anyone really doubt that Bob is likely putting something in Andy's cashew chicken just to keep Andy quiet? And why? Likely so Bob wouldn't have to hear how Andy really wanted to stay at the ROS but Bob dragged him to the Marriott. Andy, take our advice: eat room service for a meal or two and all will be well.

In the event you really are under the weather, and not just getting led astray by Bob, a cocktail of Bactrim and Cipro should take care of whatever ails you. . . .
Feel better.

rhkkmk Nov 19th, 2009 07:48 PM

Just to elaborate a bit on the previous days…

My glasses with reg. and bi-focal lenses, and decent frames are $60-75 each…
Karen ordered a pair of computer glasses…

Harmonique---absolutely delicious… For the first time we sat in the large room straight in from the entrance… Tons of decorations to look at in that room…Food: combo appetizer platter (fried pork balls, rice noodle shrimp rolls, chicken wrapped around a piece of lemongrass, shrimp and coconut milk steamed in a small pot--- fried morning glories--- cashew chicken--- flat noodles with chicken (pad si you)--- yellow curry crab---steamed rice---one other dish, plus coconut ice cream and mango and sticky rice….Fabulous…

While the taxis around town can be slow at times, I really still prefer it as we arrive somewhat cool and not all sweaty… We also get to see lots of the city which you do not get on the skytrain or subway… the most expensive ride was about 175B and was very long… Traffic is moderate currently..

Each nite I returned to the club lounge with my notebook and did internet for one hour---free perk…


Up about the same time… breakfast in the market place rest…. Finished packing… I did internet for an hour… K read in the room..
The car came for us at 11:15…. Quick ride to the airport…

Our first snag… M left to check in at bkk air… we went to air asia… Air asia clerk asked where beth’s passport was and who is Maureen…. Whoops…. Seems the Marriott had given the wrong passport back to the women… beth took off to find Maureen and change passports… she found her easily… Disaster averted… It could however been really messy…

Had a snack at burger king before boarding our 1:50 flight to Krabi… Reserved seating makes all the difference---we were in rows 2 and 3… r.t. flt $85 each with super sizing luggage to 15 kilos, insurance and seat selection… bargain

Quick flt of 1.5 hours in airbus 320….comfortable… landed in krabi… had to walk across tarmac… just as we entered the terminal the heavens opened up and rain pelted down for 25 minutes.

Our car rental agent was waiting with his sign---Krabi car rental--- 1200 B a day for Honda jazz 1.5, automatic… Perfect size for us…Drove to the hotel in maybe 30+ minutes, still raining a bit….

Checked into the Sheraton Krabi was a bit slow… We are in the same building, but on different floors… We look across one of the pools and can see the ocean in one spot…

Walked across the road to the Terrace Thai Restaurant, after beers in our room… Menu: Chili jumbo shrimp---rice---mixed stir fry veggies---flat noodles with chicken---grilled eggplant salad with a larb topping… steamed banana in coconut milk, fried banana with honey, fried pineapple with honey… about 1100 B… very good..



Slept in way too long.. beds are very firm, but comfortable… we lucked out with a small upgrade and are on the 2nd floor of the first building, making it very convenient… I still request the golf cart pick-ups however…

Beth stayed in the room this AM, and at the pool, while the rest of us drove out to find a cheap breakfast and to drop off laundry----160 B for 2 kilos incl. ironing… Most rest. seem to be closed but we found one open and had toast and eggs… nice place near the water…

K & A joined B at the pool and I am on internet…. Absolutely no plans for today…. Its overcast and not too hot---perfect…

MichaelBKK Nov 20th, 2009 01:04 AM

Nope, I just can't imagine Bob and four other adults fitting comfortably in a Jazz. What, were they out of Austin Minis?

simpsonc510 Nov 20th, 2009 05:59 AM

(Michael... it would be Bob and 3 other adults. M went elsewhere...)

Bob, you should investigate renting a boat for a half-day to explore some of the offshore islands. The speedboat I got for Maeng and me was fantastic! There are also plenty of longtail boats available. The offshore islands are really neat. Most have a gorgeous white sandy beach you can walk along... swim... lounge... whatever.

How long in Krabi? Can you take the day trip to the Emerald Pool? Watch out for that shortcut back to the parking lot from the pool. Remember the photo of me trying to maneuver the tree trunk stepping stones??? DON'T DO IT. If you go, take the same well defined walkway both INTO and back OUT from the pool. 800 meters.. Lots of folks swim in the pool. That's what it's really all about... the swimming. We didn't do it. We just had a look, and then left.

Then there is the tiger temple... watch your cameras and soda cans. The monkeys there are not afraid to come up and grab! There are no live tigers (that I could see) at this place.

Have fun in Krabi. I loved it there.


rhkkmk Nov 20th, 2009 07:21 PM

we are here for 6 nites... tomorrow we have a boat for the full day... they are coming for us at 9... K arranged through internet (australian woman and thai husband)... i thinks its 5500 B for the day including lunch...

rhkkmk Nov 20th, 2009 07:23 PM

The 3 of them spent the whole day at the pool, I stayed in the quiet of our room and on our balcony.
At 5:45 we joined them in their room for drinks. Afterwards we went across the street to the Soho Indian (Pakistani owned) Restaurant. They seem to be struggling… The portions were very small, but were quite tasty… The owner spent quite a bit of time talking with us… We thought it was a tad pricey…about 1900 with tip… no alcohol…
Menu: prawn curry, onion and plain nan, palek paneer (cheese and spinach), indian rice, dal, chicken tikka… Even though the portions were small, the amount was just about perfect for what we wanted…

We have a boat chartered for the day on Sunday… There was a mix up with the dates (K) and they came for us today… I learned this from a bellman… We straightened this out later in the day with a few phone calls, including a call from Australia….

We spoke with our youngest daughter in the morning… I have a thai sim card and it works very well.. The card itself cost 99 B…. The call to the USA for maybe 5+ minutes was about 20 B….You then fund it or add more B as needed… That can be done at convenience stores like 7/11…

Tomorrow I think is more pool time and perhaps a foray into Ao Nang…

Saturday Nov 21

As I had gone to bed slightly after 9, I was up by six…. I ate some rolls we had bought at 7/11 (just outside the gate) and drank nice cold bottled water. By 7 I was at the pool… K stayed in the room a while longer… I was the first person there… It was only me and the birds and one or two pool boys… The pool (there are 2) is very large and only ranges from 1 to 1.35 meters deep and is an infinity pool on two of its sides…. There is a water cascade in the center which creates nice background noise… That however is not turned on until about 9AM… K joined me later as did A…. As I was leaving B came to the pool…
I returned to the room about 9:15 with the intent to utilize the free wi-fi in the lobby..

We are having a real lazy time… A/B can use the down time from their busy jobs.. We on the other hand only have down time… A seems to feel better today but still has the terrible cough…

I think we will just hang out a bit, have some lunch at the pool, as they did yesterday, and then head for Ao Nang in the late afternoon…

BTW, there is no sun so far today, just a bright grey overcast, which is fine as it keeps the temp down… I would call it perfect

Gpanda Nov 21st, 2009 01:38 AM

What did they learn in Needham Public Schools? Nothing. One does not pluralize RHK or Gpanda with an apostrophe. The title should read RHKs and Gpandas. While Needhamites may be possessive, Cantabridgeans are not and resent the inaccurate usage.

I'm slowly getting better. The whole illness is a plot to subdue the panda. It won't work.

bookchick Nov 21st, 2009 06:25 AM

I beg to differ and I'd say it's worked fairly effectively until now. B&K must be running low on the product they've been slipping into your beverages....


Cranachin Nov 21st, 2009 04:52 PM


I read with interest that you had bifocals made. Do you (or any other reader/poster) know of a place in Chiang Mai that makes progressive bifocals, and what they might cost?


Clark55 Nov 22nd, 2009 02:01 AM

Bob, where is the Sheraton located with regards to Ao Nang, are there enough restaurants near the Sheraton without having to go into Ao Nang at night?

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