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Mike Nov 25th, 2001 11:11 AM

Resturant Recommendation near Shanghai Hilton Hotel
Looking for moderate priced resturants near the Hilton Hotel.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

Shejja Nov 26th, 2001 05:56 AM

1221 is a fine restaurant according to many(including fodors). I am going to shanghai next week and I will visit 1221<BR>check:<BR>for information on location.<BR>Price up to $20<BR><BR>Or try<BR><BR>The Hilton is located near Yanan Lu and Huai hai Lu two of the most busiest streets in Shanghai You can get whatever you want.

Patty Dec 6th, 2001 12:49 PM

What kind of food are you looking for and what do you consider moderate? We dined at China Moon last month and I though it was very good. We spent about $40.00 for two. It is located in Citic(?) Plaza on Nanjing Rd (It's the shopping center in between the new Plaza 66 and the Westgate Mall). There are also several restaurants in the Jin Jiang hotel complex. We dined at an Indian restaurant there called Tandoor which we also enjoyed, but this one's more expensive about $60.00 for two. Hope this helps. Email me if you have other specific questions about Shanghai. I just got back last month.

rce Dec 7th, 2001 09:39 AM

See my reply to "Restaurants in Shanghai" -- Henry's on Xinle Lu has excellent Shanghainese, for a little more upscale/atmospheric place Club 7 on next to Donghu hotel, Chs food in restored villa. Both are walking distance (10-15 minutes) to Hilton.<BR>Once you are there pick up one of the English weeklies, eg "Shanghai Talk" -- lists all restaurants, bars, other recreation (eg art galleries) etc.

Patty Dec 7th, 2001 11:24 AM

Another good publication to pick up is That's Shanghai. It's a free monthly magazine that has restaurant and entertainment listing plus some of there articles are hilarious! They have a website too, I think it's

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