Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

May 26th, 2003, 11:43 PM
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Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

I will be going to Thailand for the 4th time soon and was interested in getting plastic surgery on my nose. I have read that many hospitals in Bangkok perform safe proceedures at a fraction of the price in the states. Does anyone know how I would go about researching whether a particular Dr. or hospital is safe in Bangkok.
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May 27th, 2003, 04:19 AM
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Austine: - I don't know about Thailand, but South Africa has excellent cosmetic surgeons at outstanding prices and most information is available online. By doing a "search" for "cosmetic surgery South Africa" lots was available.
Likewise, you should find some excellent information from Brazil, and even Costa Rica.

So I would suggest you do the same for Thailand and see what results you get. As far as quality of doctors, licensing, hospitals, clinics, costs... you'll have to do individual contacts and more checking, references, personal experiences. It's rather diffcult when you're working with an unknown, especially in a foreign land.

May 27th, 2003, 06:41 AM
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you would be very happy at the Bumrungrad Hospital in is american certified and many of the doctors are foreign wife is a nurse at a major boston teaching hospital and we toured the facility last year and she said the equiptment was modern and up to date....the rooms are is very inexpensive...

they have a web-site...just go on it and inquire at the international department...people come from all over the world to have things done wife may have some small cosmetice surgery done there next year, for a fraction of what it will cost in the usa
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May 27th, 2003, 08:12 AM
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I believe there was an article on this subject and Bumrungrad Hospital in the New York Times in the fall of last year. It seemed positive. Speaking from personal experience- although not the plastic surgery kind- I can vouch for the hospital in terms of being modern, relatively comfortable, and english-speaking friendly. We spent some time at Bumrumgrad last summer when our son broke his arm on the playground at school. At least in the orthopedic department, the doctors we saw were very fluent in english and trained in the US or UK. The hospital itself, while a real pain to get to especially in rush hour or when it is raining- was a welcome oasis with restaurants inside and complimentary snacks on carts. We live in Marin near San Francisco, and found it to be comparable to anything here. The one major area where it was not was the cost. We believe it was something on the order of 1/5 the cost of treatment here.
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May 27th, 2003, 03:05 PM
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Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is recognised as a first class medical centre - 'Foreigners' from Indochina are evacuated either there or Singapore.

The fees are less, the conditions equal that in most western countries.

Bangkok is a well-known centre for medical conversion for people choosing to change their sexual identity.
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May 28th, 2003, 11:46 PM
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yep, I saw a news report and it said some of the rooms are nicer then most hotels in other contries.. and from looking around at the sergery done around here.. (im not a freak or gay or anything) but the trasexual patients look pretty hot..
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May 30th, 2003, 01:24 AM
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May 30th, 2003, 06:05 AM
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In case of a malpractice by the doctor(surgeon), be aware that the court in Thailand will not compensate you to the same satisfaction as in the US or Europe.

Have read and heard about several cosmetic enhancements that has gone wrong and most of those doctors are still practicing medicine.

You can find a bargain but weight the positive and negative consequences carefully. The risk of a operation going wrong might be greater than a Western country since the law is weak on this point.
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Nov 4th, 2005, 07:52 PM
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I don't know about any of you, but here in new england you have to sign a wavor, releasing the surgeon, surgical team, and the hospital from blame or negligence in case of complications or even death. So really the U.S. is no different then any other country. I have had more incompetance and poor medical care in this country. One of my friends picked up a staff infection in a reputable hospital here in the states, our surgeons screw up too. Our medical care and nursing still does not hold up a candle to the ever trying to please you, thai's, I would take my chance in Bangkok. Not only do they have surgeons who have trained in the U.S. but are also on American Certified Boards keeping up with the lastest....but also you can eat off the floors and stay in emaculate top notch rooms with great room service 24/7. There is even a starbucks downstairs. Your wife/husband/sig-other can stay with you in one of the bhresidence apartments that are attached to the hospital for cheap. It's really looking into.
If you find that e-mailing is taking long in responding, it could be that since Bumrungrad has made it's major debut on 60 minutes, they are being bombarded with call and e-mails from across the globe.....can't wait to experience BKK' Bumrungrad for myself next year...
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